Wednesday, 24 September 2008

another pair

my second pair of emerald green handwarmers, you can find the link to the pattern and wool in a different post called fingerless and it was posted in august 08:)
and by the way, this is what i was knitting on sunday at the Glasgow knit n strich at the tramway!
have a great week everyone!
oh by the way...this morning at 07.50 it was a loud knock on our front door..the postman..with our new printer..finally i can get my hands on loooots of patterns;)

Monday, 22 September 2008

christmas present

good afternoon everyone..yes i do have another update. i was told just the other day that i have such a huge i? i feel it's all to slow, and that i knit and i knit and i knit..and still it takes ages for things to finish.

i think it might have something to do with the fact that i knit lots of things at the same time..and then all of a sudden lots of things are finished at the same time.

this shrug is for my mother-in -law, so this is another christmas present done. one persom less to think about. and we are heading towards christmas a bit too fast for my liking. i am not prepared or ready for october and christmas things in the shops, are you?

about the's my own pattern, but i think i might have to knit another one to make sure i have the pattern written (properly)..and then i will share with you:)

have a good week everyone!

Friday, 19 September 2008

tried to make a hat

yes my dear friends, i have tried to make a hat, and this is the result. the plan was to make it using this pattern...but then i remembered...this hat is for irenesol's project...hats for ladies with cancer..and i guess lots of holes in the hat isn't the right i ended up with this hat instead...which i love. it's made with king cole mirage dk..and i absolutely love the feeling of this wool. i have lots left of it..and will make another hat for Catriona and one for myself too;)

that's how much i love it, and the real tuva hat is an easy knit..i did this one in an evening, and i could make another couple just as fast.

oh ladies, i do have an update on my marius i need to put the pieces together..because i have finished!!! well, you know i will do the steeking, then i have to sew the sleeves in and also join the shoulders..and then i kan knit the neck bit. and THEN it's finished. i have asked my mother in law if i can use her sewing machine, and i hope i can do so next week.

that's why i am knitting these smaller projects. i have started knitting a scarf for my uncle..and it's not a double knitted's one of these triangular scarves...the ones that nan has all over her shop..people in know which one it is?

well, i just realise..its way past lunchtime, and if am going to get catriona to nursery on time..i better get a move on.
have a great weekend my friends! hope to see you soon!

september hugs from me

Saturday, 13 September 2008


it's saturday morning, i haven't even had my cup of coffee yet...! but this is so important, well, if i don't blog it now it will have to wait until monday..that's how it is when the hubby occupies the laptop.
this is my finished Baktus scarf, a christmas pressie for my auntie Birgit. the colour is wine red really and i think it's Elle not certain though. it's a while since i bought it.
i don't have any big plans today, just catriona that's going to her dancing and then we'll go shopping. i do have some eating plans this week, as i am going to Weight Watchers, i have switched to core for any of you that knows about it. so it'll be a challenge trying something new.
i will of course continue on finishing my Marius and my m-i-l's even thinking that i want to keep it for myself...we'll see;)
well everybody, i am really feeling the need for my cup of coffee now, so i will love you and leave you!
Please come back soon! i loved having you here;)

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


hi and good afternoon everyone. i hope you are having a great day. today i have been really lucky, when Catriona was at nursery i went down town to buy odds and ends..and then i decided to have a look in a charity shop, and what did i i decided to get it..
i have never seen any wool in any charity shop before..and as my lys is closed on a tuesday..well..i got all of this for £5.60, about 56 norwegian kroner. i was ever so happy as i walked back to the nursery to pick up the princess.even the nursery teacher Mrs.Robinson thought it was a good deal. it's just pure luck...! hurrah...!!!
oh, update...i have finished both sleeves on the marius, will now finish the last bits on it:) and then put it together.
love and hugs

Monday, 1 September 2008


good morning, i hope you are having a great start of the week. I have finally managed to upload a picture of my loveknow shawl that i finished a week ago or so. it's really airy and feels good now that it's not that cold ..yet!

i have been really busy this weekend, i was on a course the whole saturday, and will be doing the same thing next saturday. it's taking time from my knitting:(
since my hubby is "babysitting" the whole saturday, it just doesn't feel right that i go away on the sunday for my knitting another few weeks until i am back ladies!

I must admit, i am busy knitting as desperately trying to get halfway on my x-mas pressie for my auntie..a baktus scarf but it just seems to go on forever. I feel the same with the second sleeve on my just goes on and on and on...but i really need to finish it soon. the weather in Scotland is changing, it is already getting colder, and i just remembered that i need to get on with woollies for my that'll be the next project on the needle..but not until i am done with the marius..! wish me luck.

have a good week everyone! hugs from me