Saturday, 13 September 2008


it's saturday morning, i haven't even had my cup of coffee yet...! but this is so important, well, if i don't blog it now it will have to wait until monday..that's how it is when the hubby occupies the laptop.
this is my finished Baktus scarf, a christmas pressie for my auntie Birgit. the colour is wine red really and i think it's Elle not certain though. it's a while since i bought it.
i don't have any big plans today, just catriona that's going to her dancing and then we'll go shopping. i do have some eating plans this week, as i am going to Weight Watchers, i have switched to core for any of you that knows about it. so it'll be a challenge trying something new.
i will of course continue on finishing my Marius and my m-i-l's even thinking that i want to keep it for myself...we'll see;)
well everybody, i am really feeling the need for my cup of coffee now, so i will love you and leave you!
Please come back soon! i loved having you here;)


Hi, thank you for the visit, hope to see you soon!