Wednesday, 24 September 2008

another pair

my second pair of emerald green handwarmers, you can find the link to the pattern and wool in a different post called fingerless and it was posted in august 08:)
and by the way, this is what i was knitting on sunday at the Glasgow knit n strich at the tramway!
have a great week everyone!
oh by the way...this morning at 07.50 it was a loud knock on our front door..the postman..with our new printer..finally i can get my hands on loooots of patterns;)


  1. I thought it might be, but forgot to ask on Sunday - d'oh! They look gorgeous and you have such lovely hands to show them off!

  2. Kjekt når man finner et mønster man liker, disse var jo veldig fine!

  3. Cute gloves, I love,love,love the colour!


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