Monday, 30 November 2009


I haven't been knitting many socks lately, but my little Princess actually asked for a pair of socks( i guess she had seen my socks in use). So i started, I guess it was a bit silly starting right before Christmas, because some other presents has had to wait to get knitted.

She loves them so much she never wants to take them off, or atleast this is what she says:)

Does this mean she wants more socks? Do I have to knit socks for my daughter instead of myself? Hmmm , I am not sure if i like this trend...! I guess I COULD make more socks for both of us...AFTER Christmas!

I have used: Viking Foeya garn
needles: 2.5 mm
Mood: very happy:))

I think it's 1st of December tomorrow, and I am not ready. I have some Chrismas decorations up by now, but I 'd like to get more doen. I guess it's silly of me sitting here with my laptop..but I also needed to update a little bit. I have been really slow lately with my updates, and I really need to get better.

I do have an announcement: I have been knitting non stop since August 2007!
I have even knitted during the summer, the only times I haven't knitted that much is when I have been home on holiday in Norway (too many people to see, so not alot of time).

It doesn't seem that I am likely to stop any time soon...and looking at my queue on Ravelry, I can't stop until I am 70 ;)
Have a good week everyone! Big December hugs from

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Christmas is coming

Yes, indeed. We are really getting closer to a new Christmas, and I was rather shocked to learn that the first Sunday in Advent is just a few days away.

Luckily I am kind of on track with all the present  I wanted to knit, and last week I finished another one, this autumn's first scarf

I really love this colour and I guess I should add some details about it.

Wool: King Cole Mirage
Needles; 4mm
Mood: Happy!

It was even fun to attach the fringe in the end, and hopefully the receiver will like it:)

I have already started another few presents, and they will be going to Norway and I will have to post them as soon as possible, just in case we're not going this year either.

I have started putting up Christmas decorations, and will finish it this weekend, and a few days ago I received my advent calendar from Vibbedille , this is a swap at Hobbyboden and I really can't wait to start. I mailed her calendar almost two weeks ago, and it seems it NOT there yet. I really hope it will arrive today or Monday. I will feel absolutely terrible if its late. I do blame Royal Mail!! Imagine two weeks across the water? and Vibbedille's package took only 6 days??

Oh, this will be the same as last year, I will put a picture of the calendar package here on my blog, and I will do my best to do so every day, but I cannot guarrantee it...!

please,please please... Royal Mail deliver the calendar!!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Jumper for school

I promised my daughter a jumper for school , and she wanted one with buttons on, so I decided to make one. I meant to have a ribbon through the eyelets  above the flower, but it was too difficult for a 5 year old to put the jumper on after gym/PE.

Here she is, ready for school

A closeup of the stem, leaves and flower

I love the look of it! And it will be used alot this winter.

It's not easy to get a nice picture of shiny buttons I realise that, but one can only try.

Wool: Stylecraft Life Double knit
Needles: 4mm
Mood: very Happy!!

I am once again busy knitting along, and I will try to be a regular blogger again! Have a good November. Thank you for visiting me,come again soon, and please let me know you were here!