Thursday, 22 January 2009


i have received an award from tina-agnete, og fra Henrikke.
tusen hjertelig takk!thank you so much!!!

1.Vinneren kan kopiere denne logoen til hans/hennes side
2.Lag en link til han/henne du fikk linken fra
3.Nominer minst 7 blogger
4.lag link til disse bloggene på bloggen din
5.Legg igjen beskjed på bloggen til de nominerte

1 the winner kan copy this logo onto his/her blog
2.make a link to the person you received the award from
3. nominate atleast 7 blogs
4. amke a link to you chosen blogs on your blog
5let the nominated persons know by leaving a message on thir blog.

i have been around different blogs, and it seems that all of you have this, so until i find someone to give it too, i will say a big thank you !

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


i have been a bit late with a birthdaypresent, this is a scarf/neckwarmer for Fiona, she was 20 earlier this month. the scarf is made from King Cole Mirage and as you can see the shade is green:)

it's really simple to make, i cast on 210 sts, and knitted some weid pattern, you can knit any pattern you like..lace, cables or whatever you want..or nothing. when it's wide enough cast off..make sure the cast off is not too tight, so i cast off in rib.
measured, and put on a button, made a small icord(?) sewed it on, and voila!!i will give it to her today:) and i hope she likes it:)
The lovely bloke at my lys passed away just a few days ago i think, i am very upset and sad about this. i cannot believe it, i really can't:(
we'll all miss you David, RIP


so here is finally the picture of the finished babyblanket, it has been finished for some time now, but i never got around to post it. hope Pia in Denmark will like it:)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Oppdatering av julegaveliste
pappa- votter
terje- skjerf
renate- hemmelig, for hun leser bloggen
nancy-pulsvarmere og lue
adam- secret
catriona-stjernehals og kjole
farmor-twirly scarf

tante-twirly scarf
onkel jb-lue
onkel ah-skjerf

geir-boy hat
erik lue
hanne-hermine hat
renate2-fisherman sluch hat

svigermor-fan scarf
fiona-fingerloese votter til fiolinspilling

nora marie-jakke alder 2 aar

Monday, 5 January 2009

first project

good morning everyone, i hope you have had a great new year so far:)
i have been very busy, this is the january hat in the knitalong at hobbyboden, the pattern is the boy hat and can be found here.
and CAN you believe it..but it's the first Christmas present for the christmas of 2009, and it's for my sister-in -law's husband Shaun:)
i will be back in a few days , so have a great few days. thank you for coming, and let me know you were here!! xxx

Saturday, 3 January 2009

music party

so i have been invited to another torilh
this time we are supposed to find our fave song on you tube and share it! and here goes:~)
this is my favourite song , it's really way before my time..but i heard it on tv one day..and i couldn't forget it..and i come back to it over and over again.

gry jannicke jarlum singing about weak people

and this is another one that i that had something to do with alan rickman as severus snape i think...never mind. lovely song anyway:)

Friday, 2 January 2009


I have been invited to a party at Muffin's blog and here i am!!

I have also brought my mug from Prague that my lovely auntie bought me in 2005, i am a bit of a mug/cup collector but most of them are still in Norway, even after having lived here for 4 years.
I am trying to finish this crocheted babyblanket, just 4 more squares before it's on it's way to Pia's baby in Denmark. It's a girl she's expecting by the way or could you tell;)

and last night i started knitting the boy hat which is this month's pattern of knit a hat a month at Hobbyboden. i think it will make a nice christmaspresent in a years time;)

thank you for today, and i might well be in a bit later when the princess is away to her bed! Thank you Muffin for the invite!!!

I am doing my best to pop by to all of you ladies, but if i don't manage the whole round, i will come by during the weekend, i promise!!!

xx Tusen takk for i kveld dere!!!

my little pony

welcome everyone... the famous jumper had to be worn before it was complete, and i just had to take a photo og my princess wearing it!
everybody, here she is Rainbow Dash! i finished the jumper yesterday and i am really happy with how it turned out. i found a picture online, and tried one of these pattern generators or whatever they are called. now in theory it would work fine, but it didn't, so i just had to look at the picture a make sure everything was looking right. and i think it does.

of course i ought to have a picture of the princess holding the realy pony as wel, but i forgot to bring it along when we went to the park yesterday. yes, it was cold and dull..we went a bit late i suppose. and i can't say she looks very happy either, but i assure you:SHE loves it:)

so from me to all of you:


thank you for visiting me, and let me know you were here! x