Wednesday, 14 January 2009


i have been a bit late with a birthdaypresent, this is a scarf/neckwarmer for Fiona, she was 20 earlier this month. the scarf is made from King Cole Mirage and as you can see the shade is green:)

it's really simple to make, i cast on 210 sts, and knitted some weid pattern, you can knit any pattern you like..lace, cables or whatever you want..or nothing. when it's wide enough cast off..make sure the cast off is not too tight, so i cast off in rib.
measured, and put on a button, made a small icord(?) sewed it on, and voila!!i will give it to her today:) and i hope she likes it:)
The lovely bloke at my lys passed away just a few days ago i think, i am very upset and sad about this. i cannot believe it, i really can't:(
we'll all miss you David, RIP


  1. Så lurt at skjerfet kan festes som en hals! Og babyteppet blir nydelig.

  2. Hei på deg fin denne var... og ser praktisk ut også...

  3. Fin halsvarmer og nydelig farge!

  4. So true , so true! StDD gone on to glory.
    Scarf is a lovely shade, I'm sure the recipient will be delighted . Simple things are the best!

  5. Så flott halsvarmer! Enkel, men smart med knapp!

  6. Veldig fint!

    Har en gave til deg i bloggen min ;)

  7. En deilig Fiona! Hun var stolt over bildet, tror jeg :-) Jeg strikker "Fiona", babykjolen, for tida. Er helt hekta!


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