Thursday, 30 June 2016


Where did the summer go?
A few weeks ago the weather was great, the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. Now it's just not so..the clouds are grey and it's wet and rainy outside, I am even going to put on the heating for a couple of hours! 

I really hope it's going to get a little warmer soon, no wonder why I had to have my shower so hot earlier today. 

I just wanted to mention the challenge I am doing this summer, just as I did last summer. 
The Running Bug is doing the PUMA challenge once again and tomorrow is the first day. Iam going to go on the treadmill for the first time in over a month. Well..I am going to attempt some sort of interval jogging. We'll see how it goes. 

I will give you a little update on my mileage tomorrow when I have done my run. 
I am going too turn the heating on, and hae a warm cup of coffee..with some butter and oil in it. Yummy! 

See ye efter, Marialinn

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I have wanted to lose weight for a number of years..Atleast for15 years..but the weight has slowly just moved upwards.
Slowly, but steady until I was at a maximum of 
95 kilos in my grandmothers funeral in January 2015.

This was only just over 12 months ago. I have followed mainly Weight Watches, and it did work..for a while. Then I slowly stepped away from them. About one year ago I was at my last WW meeting. I did not know I was not going back. It just happened, I was not needed as a helper, so I never went. 

That has been great for me, because I had already started dabbling in the Paleo life, and had lost a couple of kilos... 
In November 2015, I decided to try to eat differently, and things were good..until Christmas.

About 4 weeks ago, after reading, trying a little, reading..trying to educate myself I started properly to eat differently.

MY goodness, was it tough for several days to quit the sugar. I had headaches every day. But i didn't cave.

In four weeks I have lost 4 kilos. I started at 92 kilos, and I am at 88 kilos at the moment. 
I have had sugar this weekend, because we had visitors, and it was my birthday..

Never again.

It created a craving for sugar and bread and sweets...
Oh boy. 

Today is my first sugarfree day this week...and yup..headache has arrived. The solution, a cup of bullion. 

If you wonder what sort of lifestyle I am living...
I am here to tell you..I think I have found where the magic is at:
The magic is in the FAT. can you believe it? 
Here's "my" food pyramid


Tuesday, 28 June 2016


I have thought a lot about my blog lately, and what to do with it..Should I just leave it? 
should I try to blog more? 
should I keep it as a hobby-blog, the way I used to ? 
should I use it to document my life and where I want to go? ¨

Well, after some thinking..I have decided:
I will continue using the blog to document my life, where I want to go and the changes that happen within my life. 
I will be honest, although I am not using our real names.

I have only today figured out how to get pictures from my Windows phone...not easy! 
But, i am sure this is the beginning of something really good for me. 

I do hope you will follow me on the way forward...

Yours truly, in Eskdalemuir on my 38th birthday...26 june, 2016!

See ye efter, MariaLinn