Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I have wanted to lose weight for a number of years..Atleast for15 years..but the weight has slowly just moved upwards.
Slowly, but steady until I was at a maximum of 
95 kilos in my grandmothers funeral in January 2015.

This was only just over 12 months ago. I have followed mainly Weight Watches, and it did work..for a while. Then I slowly stepped away from them. About one year ago I was at my last WW meeting. I did not know I was not going back. It just happened, I was not needed as a helper, so I never went. 

That has been great for me, because I had already started dabbling in the Paleo life, and had lost a couple of kilos... 
In November 2015, I decided to try to eat differently, and things were good..until Christmas.

About 4 weeks ago, after reading, trying a little, reading..trying to educate myself I started properly to eat differently.

MY goodness, was it tough for several days to quit the sugar. I had headaches every day. But i didn't cave.

In four weeks I have lost 4 kilos. I started at 92 kilos, and I am at 88 kilos at the moment. 
I have had sugar this weekend, because we had visitors, and it was my birthday..

Never again.

It created a craving for sugar and bread and sweets...
Oh boy. 

Today is my first sugarfree day this week...and yup..headache has arrived. The solution, a cup of bullion. 

If you wonder what sort of lifestyle I am living...
I am here to tell you..I think I have found where the magic is at:
The magic is in the FAT. can you believe it? 
Here's "my" food pyramid


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