Thursday, 31 March 2016

My my...

I have again let my blog slide for way too long. not that I haven't been busy.
Doing pretty much nothing I guess!

No just kidding.
In January I should really have mentioned that we went to London, It was not for pleasure, but business. My kid and I needed new passports, so we drove down to London. It took us 10 hours..and we went straight to the Embassy. And we were actually about 2 minutes late for our appointment. Luckily there were only one other woman there, and we got it sorted pretty quickly.

We stayed with my father in law, and that was actually really nice! We hadn't seen him for several years...maybe 5 or 6 years, so it was a pretty good visit. He said to come back in April, but going to London is pretty expensive, so it'll have to wait.

In February the kid had her danceshow, and it lasted forever and ever.
Dress rehearsal on Saturday..only 5 hours!!
Sunday..Matinee show..met at12, show started 13.00 and lasted 3 finished at 16.00. Then two hours off, and we decided to go and grab some dinner..and then back for 18.00 for the evening show ar 19.00. Show finished at 22.00, then home at 22.30 and bed at 23.00
11 years old kid was very tired.

AND..the last show was Monday evening at 19.00, but didn't finish until 22.20..We weren't in bed until 23.30.

We had a few busy days.
Then we had the Rookie Rockstar 
Rock concert at school where MY kid won the competition for the best cd cover, and she got a tshirt and two cd's as a prize. Great evening !!

Tehn a few weeks ago the kid was at the Dance Festival, where she and 14 other Primary 7 kids danced for our school, among 15 other schools. Amazing to see all these youngsters onthe stage!!

The next thing on our agenda has been the Orchestra concert on Tuesday night. They did really really well, and I love that the kid loves toplay music.

We have had a few really busy months, sp we really look forward to the spring break. They finish half an hour earlier than normal tomorrow. I look forward to two weeks off school. Yippie!!!

My old phone broke...internal breaking..and I doubt it can be fixed, so my "new" phone is an old windows phone..and it's difficult to use. When i figure out how to get the pics on to the blog, I'll show you how my Wiola is coming along.

I have attached the sleeves to the body, so not really that much left to do. I am SO excited to hopefully finish it soon. I have been working on this jacket for a long time now!!!

Ooops, it that the time already??? Guess it's time for me to get going, school pick up is next. a last thing here..I will try to update more often about what I am up to.i have some very interesting new projects on the go.

Have a great day people,