Tuesday, 30 December 2008

kalendar mystery

good morning to you all! i hope you are all having a splendid day:) i myself, i feel great, last night i exercised for an hour, then later on i finally got around to finish the advent calendar mystery. i just needed to attach the hoops, and fasten all ends. i actually like the resut alot...i had planned to give it away, but i think i want to keep it..! january will be a busy month for me, i have mittens, hats and scarves to knit:) and yes.....i will be starting knitting pressies for mext xmas..!

have a good week, and i'l hopefully be back with a finished my little pony jumper! thank's for visiting, and let me know you were here.

Monday, 29 December 2008


here's just a picture of my kitchen table just before christmas dinner. it was a good day even if we didn't go to Norway this year.
Yesterday we went to New Lanark, and went for a walk to the falls of Linn, it was just lovely there, and i was so lucky that i got some wool(hubby's xmas pressie for me i think)new lanark wool, and i will make some sort of cardigan using this. haven't made up my mind just yet.
but first i want to finish the my little pony jumper for my princess. not long now, so watch this space..i am really happy with it! you just have to wait until the pony is blue...:)
thankyou for visiting me, come beack soon and let me know you were here. xx


yes yes yes, i know it's beena while since i updated, and i'm supposed to put pictures of all my advent calendar gifts, but i know i have missed a few photos, but this lovely tablecloth is the last adventcalendar gift i received, and i just love it.

i have enjoyed every morning in december because of this, and i do hope to have something similar in december 2009:)thank you for a great december Henrikke!!

Monday, 22 December 2008

my little pony

it's nearly little christmas eve as we call it in norwegian, the 4year old princess has the little mermaid on tv, and i thought i ought to update just a little bit before christmastime.
this my little pony jumper has been "ordered " by her, and i can't wait to have it all finished. i was hoping to have it done by christmas eve, but i doubt it now. it'll be all ready by the new year. i don't want to rush it, the wool is nice and soft, and i have alot of the so called swiss darning to do. i am certain that the end result will be great! now off to chart the pony:)
have a good christmas everyone!!


this is how it looked after last night's knitting. i am up to date with this one. i still have today's bit to do, but it'll be really quick:)

day 21 and 22

this morning when i opened my calendar , i found these cute little "nisser" they are so cute and has fount their place next to my "kystnisser" that my mum has given me earlier years. aren't they cute???
and this new wool, i have never seen it before, and a pattern to go with the wool. the pattern is a vibbedille pattern! i will make this hat after xmas:)
thankyou henrikke, these things are great! tusen takk!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

xmas calendar

good morning everyone, hmm-good afternoon i meant to say! all these pictures are from my advent calendar, and i couldn't tell you which day they came..except for that these nisse-napkins was in today's numer 19..very cute, and will definetly be in use on christmas eve:)
and this bag was in yesterday's calendarpressie, and was perfect to put the little pressie for jocelyn in, on our way to the nursery. and on our way home, we put the gloves in:) just right

fritidsgarn, very nice to know what everyone in Norway is talking about..my verdict..veery nice! and will definetly buy some next time i'm in norway.

unless more is coming the nest few days...i actually have a very specific plan for this. just wait and see:)

and tnis xmas mitten....have i put in this photo before? well. it's supposed to be two of them, and this is the picture of the first one..i can't put a picture in of the other one..and it came in perfect time for my baking...so i used it to bake "kransekake" a norwegian cake made from ground almonds, icing sugar and eggwhites.
the ovenmitt is now a bit...cakey..needs a clean as i had a slight little accident with my first batch in the oven..hehehe, nothing major, but the mitten does need to be cleaned.
today is a really weird day, because first thing this morning was to meet at the cinema at 925 to watch Madagascar-back 2 africa. i did enjoy the film, and i knitted the whole time. my 4 year old enjoy the film too...and it seemed as if all the other kids liked the film as well. very funny:)
anyway, better go and have me very belated lunch..it's almost 14.0 and i usually eat at 11.00..yikes!
have a great weekend, let me know you have been here and come back soon. xx

Monday, 15 December 2008

calendar 15

this is yesterday's pressie, a cutie christmas oven mitt. i don't have many christmassy things in my house..and this is also only our second xmas or yule/jul in our own house..so i guess we'll"build up" our xmas things the next few years. this mitt helps..and i love it, yes i do!

today i got a lovely ball of red gjestal baby cotton, and i have already decided what to do with it i think...
and yesterday i found i small tube of toothpaste in the calendar..a baby toothpaste as my princess said before she ran off with it..and now it's ..gone. so i can't even put a piture of it in here..what a cheeky girl !
not alot of stuff going on here, i am knitting away on the calendar knit, and am completely up to date with the knitting. i am not doing alot of other things, except, i had to fix mu daughters marius jumper, it didn't take long, and now her head doesn't get stuck! and i guess that's that. i have started another baby blanket, there is another baby due in january..i guess i oughta finish the first baby's blanket soon. i just don't like the pressure of having to finish in a short time.
next year i am definetly going to do the same as i did this year, start on the pressies after new years eve. it has been a nice december where i have been able to do whatever i want.
next year will be a mitten and hat year for me i think.
i have a question, how can i get myself to finish the fbs soon? it's been lying there for some time now..maybe three or four weeks..!and i just can't get myself to pick it up.
well, i'd better end here, have a huge pile of ironing waiting for me! have good monday everyone. thank you for visiting me, and let me know you were here:)

Friday, 12 December 2008


Hi there everyone, and good morning to you all. i hope you will all have a great Friday today.I have started the day with taking some pictures of a few things i have finished knitting..starting with this circle chrug. the colour is green, dark green, and i really like it...now if it would just fit a bit better...not to worry, i am trying to lose weight, and by next winter it will fit much better.

then , can't not mention this shawl..it's from Drops garnstudio
i have used needles size 20mm, they were huge, but it also means that it finished up quickly. i have used kiddyprint from laines du nord, and also jamiesons' ultra.

i especially love the crocheted edge, it really made the whole shawl!

i am not sure how well you can see these colours, but i love it. might actually make another one with only kiddy print,it will look like a completely different shawl due to the colours.
i know for a fact that this will be my fave this winter. i thought i wouldn't manage to wear it, as it's slightly itchy...but maybe i have grown up a bit because i just don't mind. i have always been really sensitive to anything itchy. soooo....good for me, i can use more different wool.
this is what i have done the last few days, next few projects will be to fix my princess' marius jumper...my mum made it last year...but it's a bit tight around the neck..so i have to cast off over again..i'll cast off in rib, makes it much more elastic..maybe the princess will be able to fit her ears through. she needs it by tuesday, they will be singing christmas carols for the parents at the nursery and needs to dress wintery..what better than a Marius knitted by her norwegian granny??
well, there are lots of things to do on a friday morning, so i will love you and leave you! have a great weekend,
....and by the way,let me know you have been here !

today's calendar

i could feel it..it was huge and heavy.as i opened it it saw it was a snowman, and i wasn't the only one...the princess: it's a babysnowman...ummm, i don't think it's mine yet...she'll have to finish playing with it. she loves it and so do i. i't one of these things..i kinda want to knit one, but would rather knit something to wear..and now..hurrah, i don't have to make a snowman..baceu i HAVE one!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

day 9,10 and 11

here's what i got on dec 9th, yellow pocket slippers..have no idea if this is the correct name in english..nevermind.i have always wanted to knit these, but never gotten around to do so..and now i dont' have to..bacause i have already warm feet..i have worn them every day sice i got them..i ddn't know my feet were that cold..just now i'm not wearing them ..and i have icy cold feet...!
on the 10th i got these lovely and cute stitch markers..but i have had to hide them well..knowing my princess..she would take them off me and hide them well...never to be found again. but these i have kept in my purse..and i looooove them they are so cute! thankyou henrikke!

and this morning on dec 11th..i got a second ball of sockwool, so i took a photo with both of them. Scotland is so cold these days..i guess i might well spend christmas knitting socks:) and i don't even have to go anywhere to buy the wool! fantastic!
i love this adventcalendar swap!!

Monday, 8 December 2008

granny squares

every once in a while i get the crochet craze, and a long time ago i started making these little squares. i use a 4.0 mm hook, and just use any leftover wool that i have in the house. i had started sewing all the squares together...but then i decided i'd rather have them crocheted together..and the last week i have been busy trying to get my sewing undone. took forever to do it. but now i am ready to just make more squares.
this is stuff i do just inbetween all my knitting, so it seems it takes ages for me to finish. and another year or so until i am done i guess:) unless i decide to focus on finishing it. the thing is...i quite like to make some squares here and there..when i have a bit of wool left from some other project..! well, a neverending work i guess:D
have a great day everyone, and thank's for stopping by

christmas knitting calendar dec 7

so i have finished the knitting for dec 7th, i did it last night, and i am ready for more knitting later tonight. i have still no idea what this will be..some kind of scarf??

advent calendar

ouch, i can't remember what date it was on thursday..well. this is what was inside thursdays pressie for me. now i don't have to go and get myself a new one for all the xmas dishes..because i do all our dishes by hand...you guessed it, we don't have a dishwasher..no room in our kitchen for that.!
i guess this is Friday's pressie..a lovely colour of cotton..now to figure out what to use it for..i kinda have a couple of ideas...to do after xmas. hehe, i am busy with crocheting blankets these days!

on saturday i got this lovely cloth...i have never made one this big.i don't have enough patience!so thank you very much henrikke, it will be used alot!simply because i love it, it just feels so good in my hands:)

on sunday i got some sockwook, fabel from Drops Garnstudio, i am very excited about this because i have only knitted with Regia earlier. love the colour too!

and today's pressie was three christmastree decorations. How lucky is it that yesteday we bough out xmas tree, and put it up in the liveingroom just last night? the plan is to decorate it today..so these lovely angelhearts are already up there. they are just adorable, and love them. they are perfect Henrikke! thank you so much!
that was all the calendar pressie that i didn't get to blog during the weekend..yes i know i oughta have my own laptop..and i kind of do, it's the hubby's work laptop..but i ust don't want my private photos on that laptop..! but when i do start working again...it will definetly be a priority to have my own !! then it'll be loads and loads of updates:)
anyway, better go, but i will be back either later today or tomorrow...i want to show you how far i have come on my advent knitting..!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

christmas knitting calendar

so i have finished part two of the christmas knitting calendar by johanna wallin, i am really excited about this one..i have no idea what it will be inthe end..i was thinking some sort of scarf or shawl..but now i am far from sure. i know i'll know more in another few days. very exciting nevertheless! another knit for tonight!

oh, and i won't be blogging anything until next monday, and husband is off from work for a few days...and i am expecting laptop to be occupied until monday morning! lol

have a nice weekend everyone, and enjoy!!

julekalenderluke 2 og 3

so i didn't have time to post yesterday, but got napkins in number 2. how did Henrikke know that i have been thinking about getting napkins, but never got around to do it. and they are really nice too:) will be on our table at christmastime.
and today i got some stitchmarkers in number 3...and i wonder if henrikke has been reading my mind, or had some spies around. you see, i have been searching high and low for this..but i couldn't find any. and these are absolutely gorgeous. The colour doesn't show up on the picture very well, because they have a lovely green colour. and i absolutely love todays pressie too!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

another hat

hummm, not the best picture in the world i must say..
i guess this shows it off better. a christmaspressie for my mum..she has only one hat and it's black..i hope it fits her..if not..i'll make another one for later! she's getting two hats anyway..so hopefully she'l be happy. ups..i hope she's not in for a view..never know with her;)
the braided bit took foreeeever...but it does look nice!i do love how cables look! and will get on with my cable-afghan! aaaafter xmas that is:)
better go, time for nursery pick up!

1 dec,

this is the day we have all been waiting for! 1 of December..and this is the first pressie! before it was opened, this is how it looked! guess who's holiding it? yes, correct, the princess aged 4 1/2.. can i help you open it mummy? yes sure you can sweetie:)

a big christmas stocking, i don't have one, so that was so great! thank you thank you Henrikke! i love it..(and so does the princess) need to find a good place to put it though..can't have it hanging on the cd rack can i?

can't wait until tomorrow!

Friday, 28 November 2008

november knits

Good morning everyone, the sun is shining outside, you'd think it's summer..except for the fact that it's freezing cold out there. i am showing you my "vibette" blanket, it's kind of like the Babette one..although i have named it after a lady at Hobbyboden, Vibbedille. this is how much i have done..it's going to be a king size bedspread, to replace my orange elephant one during the wintertime...yes, i like to keep the bedroom cold, but i don't like to BE cold.
and this is the finished smetteskjerf for my step-niece Nora, she'll be one just after Christmas. Baby Born doll Alisabet is so nice agreeing to model for me:)

last but not least...christmas present for my dad, i think it's called ~Fisherman cap...and i found the pattern on ravelry somewhere. nice and easy to knit. and of course, King Cole Mirage:)
oh, there's one thing i have forgotten to tell you..at Hobbyboden, we are exchanging Advent calendars...my swap partner is Henrikke, and she has sent me an enourmous parcel...and i can't wait for dec. 1st..so i can open my first pressie! i will try to be good and blog eveyday with a picture of that day's pressie!
tomorrow, will not have much time for any knitting or crocheting..first in the morning we'll be going to the Christmas fair at the local school, then it's time to go shopping, and later in the evening i'l be at my pal Lynne's birthdayparty. this is going to be a great weekend!
have a good one! november hugs from me:)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Good Evening everyone! how are you all doing? i have been very busy knitting away! i have finished another christmas present, for my uncle this time, this is another Jacques Costeau hat, by Typy..and this one i have once again used King Cole Mirage. I love this colour here, and i do hope he'll be happy with it!! I can't believe we are this close th Christmas, my princess is asking me if we are to get the crhistmas stuff out yet..but i do think we need to wait a week or so..well, the plan is to decorate on dec 1st.

I have also finally finished the Baktus scarf that i started ages ago. i have used some sockwool that i got from my secret pal at Hobbyboden..i don't even remember who it was..it's a few months ago now...
I am kind of bored with my knitting these days...it's so slow, well..i don't know what. i guess i am getting a bit bored with knitting hats...especially hats for other people!!well, after christmas it'll be other stuff on my needles indeed!
well, i'd better stop my rambling for today, and it's time to make the dinner anyway...chicken in the wok with peppers, pineapple and dessicated coconut coming up!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Good morning everyone,
i thought i had no photos to show you, until i remembered the christmas pressie i finished last week. it's a hat..jacques costeau i think it's called by typy.... i have done it a bit different, and am making another one to try to do it the correct way.

but i have had some thoughts lately...i know it's christmas and i still have a few pressies i need to finish before i send a huge parcel away to norway...but..

i am not enjoying the knitting..when i knitted the mystic water lace shawl. i made sure i enjoyed every bit..and that i wasn't in a hurry to finish, and lately i have again gone back to that: wanting to finish in a hurry so i can start on something new. i need to learn to enjoy my knits. do you know what i mean?To actually enjoy every little stitch, it was a god feeling:) and if i do that i am sure i will managed to finish those hats and be very happy with my results.

that's my thoughts of the day, ENJOY the knitting everyone!

Friday, 7 November 2008


just a real quckie here..i ought to get myself ready for taking my princess to the nursery,and i have to go down town ..need to get a few things for my advent calender swap, i need to send it pretty soon if she is to have it by dec 1st.
anyway, i finished my first calorimetry last week i just didn't get around to put if up here. i love it and have been using it almost every day. this will not be my last calorimetry ..oh no, not at all.
but..sorry this is ever so short..btw, before i go..still king cole mirage i have used:)
will be back with some more things next week, if not before.
it's friday, so have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


good afternoon everyone! i am taking advantage of nursery time (princess at nursery, me home alone) to update a bit. On saturday i finished this Gilmore vest, i have used New Lanark Wool, DK...it is absolutely lovely on, and i think vests or slipover will be something i will wear a bit more. i have never been much of a vest-user..but after this one..oh yes!
besides, this Gilmore vest is just reminding me of a tv series i used to watch when living in Norway..and i loved it..and have just recently found in on tv in uk..The Gilmore Girls,and my fave is Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore. as i watch the series over again now..i got several new ideas...vests and jumpers... So when i actuallty get around to make the "new" ideas i will let you know:)

but for now, i will try to finish the Calorimetry while watching Gilmore Girls(of course)!
have a great day everyone, and thank you for visiting me. Come Back soon:)

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


hello, everyone! how are you all doing? we are fine her in Scotland, but it's really cold out there. i am glad i am here in my lovey warm house....but only for a while.

It's almost time to go to the nursery, and last night i finished this headband.. and it's something i will wear myself, as well as my princess.

oh yes..my mobilephone stopped working, so now i had to find out how to upload photos...and i have. BUT of course..my camera is in need of a bit of batterycharging..and did i mention that i can't find the charger???

how annoying, so i have had to use my old digital camera..and the colours are't quite right, as this is supposed to be the same colour as the tuva hat that i knitted earlier. well, it wil be cheaper for me doing it this way compared to sending pics to my email. and i might even put some pictures of the suff i am actually doing, and not just the finished stuff:)

do i have time for a bit of knitting before i go..uuuuum, nope...need to get a few things done first..so i'll try to finish most of my gilmore vest tonight. i wanted to wear it tomorrow evening. we'll just have to see how well my hands behave tonight:)

have a good day!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


it's another good morning in rainy scotland..i did promise you some waffles..so they are here you so help yourself..i would have had them ready made for you if you came over:)

now. i forgot to post about the wollies i made for Catriona. but here they are..i thikn they'll be rather nice to wear when it really gets cold and wet.

i have again used king Cole Mirage..this is the blueish one. i also started a new project even if i said i was going to finish some other stuff. but i am home alone this week..and i watch tv to make the evenings go..so no fbs for me until hubby is home. i started knitting the gilmore vest and will probably focus on this one and the baktus scarf as well. let's see how far i get.

i better get back to my daughter and her painting..and the tidying up..!
have a good day everyone! thank you for visiting me and come back soon