Tuesday, 30 December 2008

kalendar mystery

good morning to you all! i hope you are all having a splendid day:) i myself, i feel great, last night i exercised for an hour, then later on i finally got around to finish the advent calendar mystery. i just needed to attach the hoops, and fasten all ends. i actually like the resut alot...i had planned to give it away, but i think i want to keep it..! january will be a busy month for me, i have mittens, hats and scarves to knit:) and yes.....i will be starting knitting pressies for mext xmas..!

have a good week, and i'l hopefully be back with a finished my little pony jumper! thank's for visiting, and let me know you were here.


  1. Herlige disse skjerfene ble...ha et fin strikke år i 2009...

  2. Synes disse "kalenderskjerfene" ble skikkelig fine. Ønsker deg og dine godt nytt år!


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