Monday, 15 December 2008

calendar 15

this is yesterday's pressie, a cutie christmas oven mitt. i don't have many christmassy things in my house..and this is also only our second xmas or yule/jul in our own i guess we'll"build up" our xmas things the next few years. this mitt helps..and i love it, yes i do!

today i got a lovely ball of red gjestal baby cotton, and i have already decided what to do with it i think...
and yesterday i found i small tube of toothpaste in the calendar..a baby toothpaste as my princess said before she ran off with it..and now it's ..gone. so i can't even put a piture of it in here..what a cheeky girl !
not alot of stuff going on here, i am knitting away on the calendar knit, and am completely up to date with the knitting. i am not doing alot of other things, except, i had to fix mu daughters marius jumper, it didn't take long, and now her head doesn't get stuck! and i guess that's that. i have started another baby blanket, there is another baby due in january..i guess i oughta finish the first baby's blanket soon. i just don't like the pressure of having to finish in a short time.
next year i am definetly going to do the same as i did this year, start on the pressies after new years eve. it has been a nice december where i have been able to do whatever i want.
next year will be a mitten and hat year for me i think.
i have a question, how can i get myself to finish the fbs soon? it's been lying there for some time now..maybe three or four weeks..!and i just can't get myself to pick it up.
well, i'd better end here, have a huge pile of ironing waiting for me! have good monday everyone. thank you for visiting me, and let me know you were here:)

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