Monday, 29 December 2008


here's just a picture of my kitchen table just before christmas dinner. it was a good day even if we didn't go to Norway this year.
Yesterday we went to New Lanark, and went for a walk to the falls of Linn, it was just lovely there, and i was so lucky that i got some wool(hubby's xmas pressie for me i think)new lanark wool, and i will make some sort of cardigan using this. haven't made up my mind just yet.
but first i want to finish the my little pony jumper for my princess. not long now, so watch this space..i am really happy with it! you just have to wait until the pony is blue...:)
thankyou for visiting me, come beack soon and let me know you were here. xx

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  1. beautiful colour yarn. look forward to seeing what you make!
    Merry christmas


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