Friday, 19 December 2008

xmas calendar

good morning everyone, hmm-good afternoon i meant to say! all these pictures are from my advent calendar, and i couldn't tell you which day they came..except for that these nisse-napkins was in today's numer 19..very cute, and will definetly be in use on christmas eve:)
and this bag was in yesterday's calendarpressie, and was perfect to put the little pressie for jocelyn in, on our way to the nursery. and on our way home, we put the gloves in:) just right

fritidsgarn, very nice to know what everyone in Norway is talking verdict..veery nice! and will definetly buy some next time i'm in norway.

unless more is coming the nest few days...i actually have a very specific plan for this. just wait and see:)

and tnis xmas mitten....have i put in this photo before? well. it's supposed to be two of them, and this is the picture of the first one..i can't put a picture in of the other one..and it came in perfect time for my i used it to bake "kransekake" a norwegian cake made from ground almonds, icing sugar and eggwhites.
the ovenmitt is now a bit...cakey..needs a clean as i had a slight little accident with my first batch in the oven..hehehe, nothing major, but the mitten does need to be cleaned.
today is a really weird day, because first thing this morning was to meet at the cinema at 925 to watch Madagascar-back 2 africa. i did enjoy the film, and i knitted the whole time. my 4 year old enjoy the film too...and it seemed as if all the other kids liked the film as well. very funny:)
anyway, better go and have me very belated's almost 14.0 and i usually eat at 11.00..yikes!
have a great weekend, let me know you have been here and come back soon. xx

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