Thursday, 11 December 2008

day 9,10 and 11

here's what i got on dec 9th, yellow pocket slippers..have no idea if this is the correct name in english..nevermind.i have always wanted to knit these, but never gotten around to do so..and now i dont' have to..bacause i have already warm feet..i have worn them every day sice i got them..i ddn't know my feet were that cold..just now i'm not wearing them ..and i have icy cold feet...!
on the 10th i got these lovely and cute stitch markers..but i have had to hide them well..knowing my princess..she would take them off me and hide them well...never to be found again. but these i have kept in my purse..and i looooove them they are so cute! thankyou henrikke!

and this morning on dec 11th..i got a second ball of sockwool, so i took a photo with both of them. Scotland is so cold these days..i guess i might well spend christmas knitting socks:) and i don't even have to go anywhere to buy the wool! fantastic!
i love this adventcalendar swap!!

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