Sunday, 29 April 2012

April end

Time flies when you are having fun.  What have I been up to lately? mmmmh, not so much and then again a few things. Little Princess turned 8 years old, yikes how did that happen? Party is over for another year and now I can relax about parties.

She has also started gynmastics, and she absolutely lovces it! Good stuff.

I have started jogging, but got a little bit of pain in my legs, and I am hoping it's not shin splints.  So I am going to take it a bit easy next week. We are also considering getting a treadmill for 4 weeks. We'll see if we can afford it, as I have a dentist appointment, that will be oh so fun, and oh so cheap.

I have a meeting tomorrow with a Gemma, I hope it will be interesting and maybe something good will come out of it.

Dinner today was Guinea Fowl, and it was really nice..I didn't make dinner it was hubby! He always does a great job.

It is Monday tomorrow and I need to get Princess' school uniform ready, so I better go.

Hej då!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Long time, no see

Yes, I haven't been here lately...! The reason is that I went to the doctor to see what they could do for my cough and those not so lovely things, so I got some antibiotics and they made me really tired..and I guess that is the reason why I haven't written anything,I have been to tired.

The last things that has happened, was that on Sunday we decided it was a good day to paint our fence.My husband, my daughter and I...we were painting for 6 hours and finally we were done. I was echausted, even though I love painting.

My arm was broken, (no, I didn't break it, but it was exhausted from the painting) and in the evening our cat didn't come home. All through the night I was out about every hour...something must have happened, she always stays around the house..she doesn't stray ever!!!!

At 6.45 am I got out of bed and got dressed..wanted to goout looking for I shouted her name and I thought I could hear a husband up , he can hear better than me...and her agreed it was a meow.

We located the meowing to be in our neighbours garden shed, (yep, we went into their garden to find where the meow came from. ) ao at 7.15 am we knocked on their door..she was probably not very amused being woken up that early in the school holiday, but we didn't care. I wanted my cat!

And the cat ran out and straight home to eat. She has been indoor alot since than..but that could just be because the weather has turned colder!!!

Daughter Catriona is not at home, she is at Sportworxx and they finish in anouther few's nice to have the day to myself, eing able to do som ehousework in peace. So I better get going, have plenty of stuff to do before I pick her up.

Enjoy your day!