Friday, 31 October 2014


This summer I was busy kntiing a "kofte", that means a knitted jacked with  two or more  colours in the pattern at the same time. Best to mentiopn Fair isle knitting here.

I have finally managed to take a picture of it, and just to let you know..i love it!!!

i have used New Lanark wool, most of it is actually leftover wook. I had to buy two lilacs and 3 whites to complete the whole thing.Buttons are bought somewhere in Norway, possibly Karmin in Kristiansand.

Anyway, here she is :

Friday, 3 October 2014

Casting on

Finished one project, starting another one.
The skirt is pretty much done, I have even sewed the bias tape on! Now that is just amazing, as I really don't like hand sewing too much.

So, I thought while I fancy it I better start on the waistcoat or vest for the bunad. I started a few days ago and I have knitted one whole cm! yay..

Now, I think I might have to put the knitting on hold for a day atleast. I have a letter to reply to today and the husband is coming home tonight as well...don't know what he'll say about the redecoration we have done...!

Ah well, nevermind!
I'll be attentind the Harvest service at school today, and hopefully it will be quite nice. Babygirl forgot her violin, so I'll need to bring it and find her among all the other kids.

So , letterwise, Brenda I have started my letter to you!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Casting off

I am just so happy, I started casting off the skirt..I am nearly finished! Cannot believe it to be honest and I know the result will be amazing when 17th of May comes around. It will be a great celebration this time.

I am so excited, I will have to find a needle and thread to sew the bias tape on the inside of the skirt, to avoid too much sagging.  I just wish I could show you right now, but hopefully I'll have the opportunity to take some pictures in a few weeks time.

I just wanted to let you know, and now I'm off to daughters room , we are changing a little in there and now I have to tidy up after myself, so she can start fresh again come Friday!

Take care of yourselves my lovelies, and do let me know about your project  and your own blog.

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