Friday, 3 October 2014

Casting on

Finished one project, starting another one.
The skirt is pretty much done, I have even sewed the bias tape on! Now that is just amazing, as I really don't like hand sewing too much.

So, I thought while I fancy it I better start on the waistcoat or vest for the bunad. I started a few days ago and I have knitted one whole cm! yay..

Now, I think I might have to put the knitting on hold for a day atleast. I have a letter to reply to today and the husband is coming home tonight as well...don't know what he'll say about the redecoration we have done...!

Ah well, nevermind!
I'll be attentind the Harvest service at school today, and hopefully it will be quite nice. Babygirl forgot her violin, so I'll need to bring it and find her among all the other kids.

So , letterwise, Brenda I have started my letter to you!

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