Tuesday, 29 April 2008

secret friend for april

i am so ashamed:( i have forgotten to show you the picture of the pressie i got from my secret friend at hobbyboden. haven't decided how i will use the wool, the tea is looong gone, and my oh my was it fab!!! will knit some winter hats after the summer..now that i have such lovely patterns...and as i am trying to lose weight..i have only had 2 squares of the chocolate...

i was supposed to be the the "spring fling" with glasgow knit and stitch this weekend, but i couldn't make it(hubby working, and needing to get stuff for the aquarium the wee one was given to her 4th b-day by her granny)...so i missed it:( and i had a flower ready and all..well nevermind...maybe next year??

hoping to get on with my knitting soon, have not really been doing anything for a week..but tonight i hope to get a couple of fish ready:) i want to finish this fish blankie...it's for the wall really. so hopefully i'll have something to show you in a few weeks:)

love from me

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

la fantasien raade 6

this is the fantasy-along at hobbyboden. we had to make something inspired by a fairytale called "kong trosteskjegg" i think it was. (king "some-kind-of-bird-and -i don't -know-the-english-word" beard).

and it's my daughters 4th bday in the end of this week, so i got her name on it too,. there is also a butterfly on the bottom, but i couldn't get in on the picture. she seems happy, eh?

Monday, 14 April 2008


DEAR people,
here is my UFO, i said i would post about it. i started this at some time ago when i went to university( agder universitet)and i think i graduated in 2001 ..and i think i started this in year 2..so that makes this cross stitch 8 years old. it takes absolutely ages to do, but maybe i will finish it in 2009...i try to do a bit inbetween all my knitting.
it will end up as AMOR, but sorry i have no picture of it as finished anymore, but one day i will show you the finished picture. will update you on how this turns out in maybe a month or so..depending on how much a get done of course.

so this is all from me today..i have absolutely tons of stuff to do! so have a lovely day everyone!

sunny hugs from me

Friday, 11 April 2008

april is pink

april is pink, and this is my pink for this month. it isn't much but works wonderfully well. a little hairband that i made before the nursery...and she actually likes it. now that is success!!
did i ever mention how my eyes has been opened to crochet?? well, i do quite enjoy it really:)

Thursday, 10 April 2008


i made a dishcloth just the other day! i love it and will probably knit more of these. actually this one is for my 4 years old daughter so she can help me clean the table after dinner;) she was very happy to help

march socks

heey everyone,
i have finally managed to put a picture of my socks here on my blog...first my phone needed a top up, and then i couldn't find the first sock i knitted...oh joy! well i found it this morning.where was it again...?oh yes, down the side of the sofa...happens alot.. :(

well, now i shall try to finish my clue 2 of sots -ii, but i will be back with a few more FO's later this week! and not to mention the ufo i have had for ages..i have probably mentioned it before, but you will all get to actually see it:)

no more knitting or blogging for today though, i just really wanted to get this on the blog for the sock a month 2008...i am rather late this month...sorry!

but i am ready to start the april socks on monday..yay, this will be exciting..my first
cable socks:) wish me luck!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

good morrow

hello everyone,
i feel that is has been ages since i have been in with anything new...and i have some finished stuff to show youall, but i need to top up my mobile phone to send some pics. i am a mobile phone blogger you know. in a few days i am sure i will be back with pics of my circle socks, and the pentagon baby blanket that will be going to iceland:).

i am currently working on the "fantasialong" that has to be finished by 15 th of april..and i am about halfway, so i think i will manage to do it in time.

oh, by the way..i have this great idea for a scarf, and will start working on it after the april socks and the fantasialong are finished.

this sunday i amhoping i can join Glasgow knit n stitch again, it has been a long time since i was there...need to have a chat with the hubby. do you think i can talk him into taking me there and watching our daughter if i clean the whole house this week?

worth a try,isn't it?

see you all later, with my cuppa' T