Tuesday, 8 April 2008

good morrow

hello everyone,
i feel that is has been ages since i have been in with anything new...and i have some finished stuff to show youall, but i need to top up my mobile phone to send some pics. i am a mobile phone blogger you know. in a few days i am sure i will be back with pics of my circle socks, and the pentagon baby blanket that will be going to iceland:).

i am currently working on the "fantasialong" that has to be finished by 15 th of april..and i am about halfway, so i think i will manage to do it in time.

oh, by the way..i have this great idea for a scarf, and will start working on it after the april socks and the fantasialong are finished.

this sunday i amhoping i can join Glasgow knit n stitch again, it has been a long time since i was there...need to have a chat with the hubby. do you think i can talk him into taking me there and watching our daughter if i clean the whole house this week?

worth a try,isn't it?

see you all later, with my cuppa' T


  1. Heisann, Linn Marit :-)
    Takk for hyggelig tilbakemelding i bloggen min! Sitter og ser på bloggen din nå og finner det beundringsverdig at noen er så flink med håndarbeid... :-) Selv er jeg mer den utolmodige sjelen...så det heklepleddet jeg ønsker å lage tror jeg kommer til å ta tid :-) Koselig blogg!!
    Det er vel skikkelig vår hos deg nå, men hjemme hos meg har vi fremdeles ca 20 cm snø rundt huset... sukk!
    Ha en vidunderlig uke!

  2. thanks for the letter! i am going to write back this week. have fun knitting!


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