Tuesday, 15 April 2008

la fantasien raade 6

this is the fantasy-along at hobbyboden. we had to make something inspired by a fairytale called "kong trosteskjegg" i think it was. (king "some-kind-of-bird-and -i don't -know-the-english-word" beard).

and it's my daughters 4th bday in the end of this week, so i got her name on it too,. there is also a butterfly on the bottom, but i couldn't get in on the picture. she seems happy, eh?

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  1. Sikken et sødt tæppe - din datter ser også ud til at være vældig tilfreds med det :-)

    "Kong Trosteskjegg" is called King Thrushbeard in English - though it has also been translated as King King Grizzlebeard or Grisley-Beard
    (from the original German "König Drosselbart")


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