Saturday, 31 July 2010


This summer has been absolutely fantastic, and also not so at all
Let me explain..the bad first:
.my best friend's mother died June 25th, after just over 6 weeks of learning she had cancer. 
Rest In Pearce Inger Karin

Then it was my cousins wedding, and it was great to see them finally getting married, I really really enjoyed it!
 I had been knitting like mad just before we left for Norway, and YES I finished the shawl that I wore at the wedding.It took me 11 days to wonder my hands needed 14 days of rest.

My 6 years old daughter showing off my silk shawl, made with Knitwitches 100% pure silk in colourway Bronzed cherries
Remember, I bought it in London in May?

Here the Princess is posing with my shawl in our garden, I love the shawl, the daughter and the garden ;)

And here's the garden, with new fence and even some flowers, which are still alive by the way;)

AND at last, some very happy news....
We are getting a kitten

The picture is really bad, taken with my mobile phone and a 7 weeks old kitten that was moving alot. 
Anyway, we might well be able to pick her up om Monday, so expect some more pics next week, and also a name for this little lady. 

Anyone has any good ideas??? 

Lots of love Linn

Friday, 30 July 2010


I have been a busy bee, well not really a bee although I do have thousands of them in my garden...
Last month I finished something that I call the Helping Cardi, knitted with wool that a sweet lady gave me for helping out.

I have used oh...what is it called now.....? Oh yes
Wendy Pampas chunky, and I used needlesize 10mm...
With lots of differnt colours, as that is what my friend had. This cardi is almost too warm, so hoping to get some us of it this autumn. Unfortunately I don't have a closeup of the buttons, I say unfortunately because they MAKE this Cardi what it is. 
Even if you might find it a bit strange and unusual, it's actually just perfect for me. It kind if mirrors me a bit if you understand;)

Now I'm going back to my knitting, oh sorry my mistake..I'm going to enjoy my morning coffee and THEN back to my knitting..!