Wednesday, 19 March 2008


As it's eastertime..the nursery has a easter bonnet parade, and i crocheted two flowers to go on her hat(did i mention the nursery girl has been ill with a fever since yesterday and wont actually make the parade).

i think the flowers are so cute, and i know now what flower to make for the knit'n stitch group:) it was really to make and i am so happy withthem. the pattern is SkaMama's.
and one flower is yellow, because March is a yellow month!

did i mention that i am getting a bit bored with my fishblanket? atleast i am getting the mermaid together.. i know it will be really nice when i am, finished...but until then i just have to keep going!
wish me luck!

today will be a non-computer day and non-knitting'll have to wait until the evening..i have tons of housework to do..eeek, have ignored it for a few days! that's all for today folks!

big hugs

Monday, 17 March 2008

march hat

hallo ladies,
This lovely hat is called Robin's egg blue hat
and it took me ony one evening to knit it. i absolutely adore it..i used Lang soft Shetland for this. i just need to get a button that fits nicely:) so a big thank's you to two lovely ladies at hobbyboden that finds these fab patterns for us:)

i have no other projects near the I guess i will be busy knitting the next week. i am still so in love with knittin, it's almost crazy! there are still so much i want to make..and i guess the more i actually sit down the more i'll be able to crate;)

have a lovely week everyone!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

not nice

i just had a comment on my new baby blanket picture, and it said to check the comments here and here(was linked) and it took me to something weird and viruslike stuff..that's not nice..i am here to write about my hobbies that's all, why does this happen? is it a machine or some viscious people out there? you tell me!!

chris blankie done

i forgot to put the pic of christopher's finished blanket in my here it is!

mw finished

i have finished my mystic water shawl. i was knitting and knitting, and the finishing took ages..well over an hour to do it, but i am very happy with it. it's has not been blocked yet, nor has the ends been sewn in, but i like it. it will probably be a bit bigger than on this bad picture..and it's my 4 years old daughter "modeling"the shawl..and she's big for her age!

Next project is to knit the march socks, march hat and continue a few other projects(sots-ii, sss). i have also started up knitting fish for the fish blanket, and i am going to have it done by june, so i better get on with that too. i am so happy about finihing up mw..i think i started it in october or november...!

Monday, 3 March 2008

almost finished

it's monday, and today i have only two rows left of my mystic water shawl. i am going to finish tonight..then i am off to do the finishing:) can't wait to wear it, and this is perfect because today it's snowing..and it's lying on the's white outside and it has been since this morning. and it's actually snowing as i write. imagine if i could wear it tomorow goingto the nursery..! that would be soooo great!!!

i have been at my LYS today, got some more sock yarn..i have the march socks (circle socks )to knit whne mw is done..and also a hat to start! it really feels so great to have so little left to do on a shawl i have been working on for several months now!

will of course be back with pics when i have it done!!

snowy hugs from LinnMarit

Sunday, 2 March 2008


these are my february socks, i have finaly gotten around to putting them on my blog..well.i was lucky and had one extra day in february, if i hadn't had that i wouldn't have finished in time!

my next project is to finish my Mystic Water shawl..i have only 4 rows left..and the the finishing instructions..hopefully ill be able to locate them somewhere;)

i have many plans coming up among others the blanket i mentioned earlier, and also a dress, will tell you more about it when it's not this early in the morning, and when i haven't had a child singing and talking in my ears when i want to sleep... i am so tired!!!