Sunday, 2 March 2008


these are my february socks, i have finaly gotten around to putting them on my blog..well.i was lucky and had one extra day in february, if i hadn't had that i wouldn't have finished in time!

my next project is to finish my Mystic Water shawl..i have only 4 rows left..and the the finishing instructions..hopefully ill be able to locate them somewhere;)

i have many plans coming up among others the blanket i mentioned earlier, and also a dress, will tell you more about it when it's not this early in the morning, and when i haven't had a child singing and talking in my ears when i want to sleep... i am so tired!!!


  1. Hei, hei! Kjempefine sokker. Jeg er også med i alongen, synes det er moro å "reise" rundt i bloggene og se hav andre har strikket. Ønsker deg en fin kveld!

  2. Kjempefine sokker!


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