Monday, 3 March 2008

almost finished

it's monday, and today i have only two rows left of my mystic water shawl. i am going to finish tonight..then i am off to do the finishing:) can't wait to wear it, and this is perfect because today it's snowing..and it's lying on the's white outside and it has been since this morning. and it's actually snowing as i write. imagine if i could wear it tomorow goingto the nursery..! that would be soooo great!!!

i have been at my LYS today, got some more sock yarn..i have the march socks (circle socks )to knit whne mw is done..and also a hat to start! it really feels so great to have so little left to do on a shawl i have been working on for several months now!

will of course be back with pics when i have it done!!

snowy hugs from LinnMarit

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