Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Why food diary?

Yesterday I started a food diary. Not Weight Watchers related at all, as that ship sailed quite a while ago.

Monday night, I started feeling a little unwell, as I waited for Princess while she attended her gymnastics class..I though it was just because I sat reading without any back support.

Then Princess went to Guides, and I still felt funny. But later on, when she came home..I felt if I was hungry. But I had a proper dinner s I knew it couldn't be that.

At 23.00 o'clock I took two painkillers, but they didn't really help. No point going to bed. at 3 I thought maybe I could get some I headed for be.

Was not to be, after an our of tossing and turning and not managing to get comfortable at all..I got up again, took another painkiller, and was just lying on the sofa until 6 when I nodded off for an hour.

Was still painful, and at 8.30 I took another two painkillers and by 9 I started to feel alot better.

All yesterday I wrote everything that I ate, and I will continue to do so.

If you wonder what the pain guess is gallstones.
I have had the same pain before, but it would go away after a couple of hours. So it has neer been this severe.

So here's my food diary for today..and I will probably keep doing this until forever!

Here's hopeing I never get that pain ever even. Cheers to a healthy life!


Monday, 26 October 2015


Last summer, I discovered that the brambles that was growing wild in  my hegde had berries, and I picked enough for us to have as a dessert. I decided to not cut them down, but just see if I could get some more berries this year.

Yesterday was the third time I picked berries this sumer,and still there are loads just waiting to get picked when they are ready.

I got 900ml yesterday, and that was enough for 3 bown FULL of Brambleberries, and I made custard and it was just the yummiest ever!

It's amazing when the garden gives us some stuff we can actually use. I really just love it. At the moment I am trying to grow onions, and so far they are looking ok. They are still just mini's, but I COULD use them I think. Next summer..I might even try potatoes..!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Just October hair

Yes, it's a hair kind of day. 
I thought it was time for another quick length shot, and I guess it's not much of a difference since my last picture. 

I haven't really done anything different, just braiding and bunning every day, moisture with coconut oil every so often. 
Actually, I saw a video...or did I read it somewhere? I am not sure, but now I spray my hair with water before I put oil on it. Seems to work ok so far. 

Also, one of the main things I have done the last few weeks is to get a satin pillowcase. Actually, it's not even a pillow case. It's the daughters old dress up princess dress, I cut the whole skirt off, and I am using the satin part of the skirt as my pillowcase.

Alot less frizz in just a few weeks. I never thought it would make such a big difference. So..for Christmas that is what I am wishing for.-..a proper pillowcase...even if the skirt is working too.
 Picture taken today by 11 years old daughter.

I have water and a leave in, so the ends look wet..well..they are wet on this picture. 
I don't think I'll reach classic by Christmas, but by the summer I'll be there. Definetly. 
I have joined not cut for a year, in if it gets longer than classic by the end of next year..I'll probably start microtrimming every even out a little. 

I am happy with my progress!

This is all ffrom me today, happy Sunday!