Sunday, 25 October 2015

Just October hair

Yes, it's a hair kind of day. 
I thought it was time for another quick length shot, and I guess it's not much of a difference since my last picture. 

I haven't really done anything different, just braiding and bunning every day, moisture with coconut oil every so often. 
Actually, I saw a video...or did I read it somewhere? I am not sure, but now I spray my hair with water before I put oil on it. Seems to work ok so far. 

Also, one of the main things I have done the last few weeks is to get a satin pillowcase. Actually, it's not even a pillow case. It's the daughters old dress up princess dress, I cut the whole skirt off, and I am using the satin part of the skirt as my pillowcase.

Alot less frizz in just a few weeks. I never thought it would make such a big difference. So..for Christmas that is what I am wishing for.-..a proper pillowcase...even if the skirt is working too.
 Picture taken today by 11 years old daughter.

I have water and a leave in, so the ends look wet..well..they are wet on this picture. 
I don't think I'll reach classic by Christmas, but by the summer I'll be there. Definetly. 
I have joined not cut for a year, in if it gets longer than classic by the end of next year..I'll probably start microtrimming every even out a little. 

I am happy with my progress!

This is all ffrom me today, happy Sunday!

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