Monday, 31 December 2012

Nearly over

The old year is nearly over, only one more day and we can all get used to write 2013. I have BIG  plans for the next year and hopefully you will be able to play a part of my plans.

First and foremost I want to wish you all Happy NewYear 2013, hope you had a better Christmas than we had, as we were all ill overthe whole holiday.

May next year be a great year full of success!!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

November again

So, not long until Christmas is here again, I have started thinking about it a little and bought the first present yesterday.

Actually, I had some stuff I really had to do yesterday. It all started on Wednesday when the Princess came out from school with large holes in her tights and a HUGE deep scratch in her glasses..yikes!!!

Well, I had to get them fixed, so I took the bus to EK and at Vision Express they bent them back in the correct manner but they couldn't do much for the scratch. So, new lenses and a new frame is on order and I will get a phonecall sometime next week, hopefully telling me I can pick them up.

Princess in away on her first weekend without me...Ahhh, Don't know what to do with myself. She was on my mind when I went to bed, and she was the firwt thing I thought of when I got up.

I know she is having a great time, it's just a bit tough for mum seeing her little baby growing up (Seems it's worse for dad though).

Friday, 2 November 2012

Not yet

Nope, i haven't ye figured out how to empty the camera...I have by the way started using our big Nikon Camera because "my" camera refuses to charge the batteries!

So,if I can just get this working, then I will show you pictures of my very new short sleeved cardiganthat I finished yesterday. I wore it today,andI love it!!

Yes, another thing...last weekend it  was the danceschool danceshow and we were really busy with it. The whole weekend went to the danceshow and also Tuesday evening. It was fun but I am glad it is finished...and it willbe another 18 months until the next show.

Unfortunately, it's time for me to go to sleep, so I will love you and leave you..just for now atleast.

HAve a lovely day!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Busy Tuesday

Hi again,
We have had a few really busy days here at home, the October week has started and yesterday we (Princess and I) were busy cleaning the master bedroom, and wow is it nice!

Yesterday the Princess' schoolbooks arrived, and we got really busy doing homework as we are several weeks late now. She attends , where she learns to  write and read Norwegian. You have to be Norwegian living abroud to attend this course.

Today we have been really busy again, this time clearing out Princess' room. It took ages, and we are actually not completely finished. But tomorrow we will tackle the playroom and the bathroom, as well as going to town.

I need some more wool for my current project, what I am looking for is Stylecraft DK, and I think the colour is Bottle green.

I don't have that much left to do on my cardigan and it feels really good to finish something again. Last year I joined a "saving money" project, but it really didn't turn out very good for me at all. Seriously dissapointed , I only knitted 22 balls of wool in one year.

I have of course started this same project over again, and I do hope to have more than 22 pounds to show next October. Good luck Linn...!!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Think I might be back...!

I have really been pretty absent here on my blog, but I have FOUND my camera and I feel inspired again so I might actually manage to pop by and write a bit more often.

I am even knitting more often and feel utterly inspired by that as well,soi am pretty sure when I figure out how to get the pics out of the camera you will see some moe photos from this end of the world.

I have also decided to not measure my knits for this year and I willl just wait until Januray  1st and then start with the new years knitting.

The weekend is here, and this is alsothe tart of October week,so one  full week of  holiday for us...we are just staying  home though, nothing special going on.

Are you keeping busy, tell me your projects!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn nails

Pictures taken with my mobile just doesn't show up as very nice at all.-So sorry about that. The camera is lost and it didn't work that well anyway...butI am going to try to use another camera and try to upload some more pictures this week.*i might have a bit more time on my hands that usual.

I have been quite busy trying to tidy up the house...sofarI have had two whole days and still it looks nearly as messy as ever. I am trying to do it the FLYlady way.

It is taking time, but atleast the bathroom is clean and the dishes are done. New bedding on all beds as well..guess I should be happy that I managed to do these things.

I also finished my letter to Monika, Aaron and got started on my letter to Torunn!
We are busy as always ,and the days just fly by. Last month we were on DAY TRIP wo Southern Norway, to celebrate my Grandmothers 90'ieth birthday. God bless that wonderful woman!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Here is my latest, an Avon Arabian glow nailpolish called Turkish delight with the newest Avon nailstickers on. I love them. I will show you all the new polishes I have!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

P&L Challenge

I have joined a challenge, and that means I will be taking some pictures starting on Saturday

The challenge consists on taking a picture a day (per participant) according to the list topics:
1. Stamp
2. Decoration
3. Mailbox
5. Paper
6. How you store your letters
7. Clipping
8. Card
9. Pen
10. Stickers
11. Post Office
12. Stationery
13. Drawing
14. Travel
15. Colour
16. Envelope
17. Favourite colour
18. Bluebelle Postcards
19. Marker
20. Organizer
21. Collage
22. Glue
23. Gifts
24. Pencil
25. Writing place
26. How you store your materials
27. Tape / Washi tape
28. Box
29. Rubber stamp
30. Scissors
31. Camera

Each day you should post a pic according to the topic requested and you should title your pic as well as adding the corresponding number on the picture text: #1 Stamps, #2 Decorations... etc. The challenge begins next Saturday August, 11th and ends on Wednesday September, 12th.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A year

A year has gone since something terrible happened in my country..77 people were murdered, and it should not have happended.

This year has been a bit of everything, but most of all I feel for the parents, siblings and friends of the many people that died.

You will always be remembered.

20.july: Happy birthday mum,hope you had a lovely day
22.july: HAppy birthday uncle,hope you have a better celebration that last year!!
22.july,I memory of the ones that lost their lives

Sunday, 15 July 2012


We had a day out in Glasgow today, went to lots of shops, got most of the school uniform sorted for Princess and I also bought some writing paper, so now I can write for another few months and still have nice paper. Yes, satisfied with the day. Not so satisfied by the fact I have spent a huge amount of money, atleast it feels that way.

But I will be back with my letters, and I will post them tomorrow I believe. I love writing and receiving letters! It is fantastic to be able to meet someone in a letter, and learn about their lives.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” 
― Anaïs NinThe Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934

Friday, 13 July 2012

Different types of feelings

Through one day I can go through an enourmos ampount of feelings, deep feelings of love for people I have never actually met such as all my penpals, sadness over what some people are going through, such as Mirka the mum of 11 kids..she is just such an unbelieable inspiring woman and when sad things happens to good people, I get sad.

And today I discovered Anais Nin...she has a hugs amount of fabulous quotes, and I am going to read a bit about her. I am happy I found her.

Then, looking at how my diet is going, I get angry with myself for not having more will power so I can resist the biscuits my Princess get s me to make, resist that bagel in the evening, when I am just slightly hungry...and annoyed with myself..and I aldo get determined that I AM GOING to do this.

I was hoping to be at goal around Christmas time, so I better behave.

One thing that makes me happy :I have only 6 letters to reply to, which means I have nearly cought up! Yay
And another thing that makes me happy: I am knitting again and I am almost finished with a new top..just another few days I think, and I will be able tp use it!!  Hurray!

I will finish with Anais Nin..

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” 
― Anaïs Nin

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I have been writing alot of letter, now I really need to post them. I will only take half of them tomorrow, and then the rest on Saturday.

I am so in love with writing letters, it's amazing, but I have to relax slightly about it and make sure I enjoy the writing...I get overexcited and it ends up with me getting very little sleep because I am only thinking about writing..or knitting.

Now, I am taking it easy and enjoying it. I have recently started writing to another few ladies...Almante, Vigdis and Jannicke. Three very different women, and I am super excited.

Great to have so many lovely friends worldwide.

Have a lovely day , my friends!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Jogging or running

Doesn't really matter what you call it, but I ran or jogged 5.2 kilometers today, it took me 50 minutes, but I am amazed that I actually did it in one go. So that just means I CAN do it.

And if I can do it, then anybody can. The point now it do be able to do it a second time, but I will staop at 5k next timed and try to get my time under 47 minutes...hopefully 45 minutes, That would be good. I don't know what it will do to my weight, butI have to start tracking again.

So I better log on to Weight Watchers again, and get started.
C ya later

Thursday, 5 July 2012


My 8 years old daughter made us a strawberry drink each. It tasted lovely. Thank you princess! 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Yes, it was nice to come home but not so great looking at the weighing scales the next morning. Every time I go to Norway I ALWAYS put on alot of weight..and this time too...but something weird has happened...!

On Saturday (*or was is Sunday) morning, I weighed 80.8 kilos, and over these next few days I have lost alot of that weight...nearly 2 kilos in 3 or 4 days...!

This morning I weighed 78.9 kilos, and my theory is my fathers houxe we get alot of stodgy food..bread for breakfast, hotdogs or burgers when we bbq, and we did that two out of three days before we came home...!

So I think maybe all the weight was just lying around in my gut, waiting to pass (sorry if this was a bit too much info) and now I have only one kilo to lose and I am back to the smallest I have been in a very long time.

I am very happy about this, because this was always my problem, to lose the weight I put on when being in Norway, but this time it seems I have cracked it. Yaay!

Saturday, 30 June 2012


Hello my friends,
I am back from Norway, but this trip was not so nice as I had hoped for.
We arrived late on Wednesday, and Thursday we were relaxing and resting from the travel, as well as going for a swim in the pool. The very next morning, we got a phonecall, my grandmother was not feeling to well and she was going to the hospital...and the very same day my cousin was getting married and my auntie and uncle was getting rather stressed about getting her to hospital as well as their son's wedding.

It all worked out pretty well, although we visited my granny every day until she came home on Thursday. She has now got a oxygen tank constantly churning in her dining room, and she needs to have oxygen pumped in her nose about 20 hours a day. Yesterday when we left she said she feels like a prisoner in her own home. She felt so lonely she said, the loneliest she had ever felt in her entire life.

My lovely Grandmother, she will be 90 years old in a few months, the wonderful Maria.!
I have even named my daughter after her:)

The wedding was nice, good food and lovely cakes. I have put on a couple of kilo's , and I guess that is not too bad, as I am straight back to the narrow path of healthy living now that we are back home.

Friday, 8 June 2012


I read this article in an online  newspaper, about this young girl that has lost 40 kilos over three years, and she is looking so incredibly healthy.  I don#t have 30 kilos to lose, not anymore, and besides I tend to work in stones and pounds these day, since I am a member of Weight Watchers.

Things are going pretty well, and tomorrow I am starting a new week.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


My meeting today got cancelled(blah) but instead I have spoken to my dad on the phone and I have managed to tidy up a bit here in the house.

It is difficult to do a 27 fling boogie, but I did manage to get rid of 27 things from my house. I will ask Princess to do the same when she comes home today, it will earn her a pog..!

Atleast the bedroom is looking a bit tidyer, but I still haven't found that watch..! I will keep on looking for it..under the table tonight I COULD be there..!

Tuesday morning

It is Tuesday morning, I have weighted myself and yes..I am under the 79 for the fist time in  awhile. I am chuffed!

Gotta go and get ready for the day, but I am happy..!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sunny Saturday

And all of a sudden the summer has been here for the last is so hot and lovely! And we will have another sunny day tomorrow. GREAT!

I haven't done any excersising the last few days, it has been so hot and I have had a little bit of a sore head because of it. But I am feeling alot better today, so I havenow planned to skip ...about 900 jumps all together. I hope it won't be too hard. The goal is to do 1000 jumps in one go, without any breaks.

I have atleast been tracking my food properly, even put in the sweeties I had. Shouldn't really do sweeties, but the hot just makes me WANT it..and then it's hard not to. Next celebration comes on june 24th, my cousin's wedding in Norway and then my own birthday on the 26th of june.

I am hoping for a fruity celebration ;) And if I am very lucky we'll celebrate our own 6th wedding anniversary on the 20 june with some fruit and maybe a little sponge..maybe..! We'll see.

But it's a while until that date. My goal is to be under 79 kilos by next Thursday and get my third silver 7 on my WW card before we go on holiday. Better get those skipping ropes moving!!!

Edit: I skipped 400, got sore feet...must try some other shoes next time!!

Friday, 25 May 2012


Hey people!!!
Are you also enjoying the sunshine that finally came?
I have been busy..doing nothing. haha! No , just kidding. We have played alot of badminton, and I have been busy with Weight Watchers.

I have decided to give it a good go again, I have really lazy with the tracking the last few weeks, and of course I have not lost any weight whatsoever..Ok so I lost half a pound a few weeks ago..but that is really nothing.
I want to lost a bit more over the next month, so I am ready with my tracking.

I started  a new trackweek this morning, and as the sun is shining, I really need to drink lots of water and that is so good for not feeling  hungry. Now it's half an hour past noon, and I will have to go out in 30 minutes..and I guess it is time to get some lunch by now. I will be filoing up with among others: Fruit.

Will also try to do some excersising tongiht! I badly need it! Always feel great afterwards.

Hope you are all doing well, and will be back more often with news:)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

April end

Time flies when you are having fun.  What have I been up to lately? mmmmh, not so much and then again a few things. Little Princess turned 8 years old, yikes how did that happen? Party is over for another year and now I can relax about parties.

She has also started gynmastics, and she absolutely lovces it! Good stuff.

I have started jogging, but got a little bit of pain in my legs, and I am hoping it's not shin splints.  So I am going to take it a bit easy next week. We are also considering getting a treadmill for 4 weeks. We'll see if we can afford it, as I have a dentist appointment, that will be oh so fun, and oh so cheap.

I have a meeting tomorrow with a Gemma, I hope it will be interesting and maybe something good will come out of it.

Dinner today was Guinea Fowl, and it was really nice..I didn't make dinner it was hubby! He always does a great job.

It is Monday tomorrow and I need to get Princess' school uniform ready, so I better go.

Hej då!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Long time, no see

Yes, I haven't been here lately...! The reason is that I went to the doctor to see what they could do for my cough and those not so lovely things, so I got some antibiotics and they made me really tired..and I guess that is the reason why I haven't written anything,I have been to tired.

The last things that has happened, was that on Sunday we decided it was a good day to paint our fence.My husband, my daughter and I...we were painting for 6 hours and finally we were done. I was echausted, even though I love painting.

My arm was broken, (no, I didn't break it, but it was exhausted from the painting) and in the evening our cat didn't come home. All through the night I was out about every hour...something must have happened, she always stays around the house..she doesn't stray ever!!!!

At 6.45 am I got out of bed and got dressed..wanted to goout looking for I shouted her name and I thought I could hear a husband up , he can hear better than me...and her agreed it was a meow.

We located the meowing to be in our neighbours garden shed, (yep, we went into their garden to find where the meow came from. ) ao at 7.15 am we knocked on their door..she was probably not very amused being woken up that early in the school holiday, but we didn't care. I wanted my cat!

And the cat ran out and straight home to eat. She has been indoor alot since than..but that could just be because the weather has turned colder!!!

Daughter Catriona is not at home, she is at Sportworxx and they finish in anouther few's nice to have the day to myself, eing able to do som ehousework in peace. So I better get going, have plenty of stuff to do before I pick her up.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Weigh in

Had my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers thismorning, and it showed that since my last wi a few weeks ago I have lost half a pound.

My goal for next week is another pound off! The tracking starts tomorrow. I am kinda of pleased..was hoping for a bit more but nevermind...I want one whole pound next week. Only blipping tonight, as it is my weigh day.

I am hoping for badminton in the weekend, zumba Monday morning and dancing Monday evening..hopefully that will make a little difference when it comes to my weightloss.

I will also do a bit extra walking tomorrow, so hopefully that will also make a little dent in today choccie munching. Anyway, it is getting late, and I am I will hop into bed and have a little read before I turn the light off...I am reading Amtmandens døtre by Camilla Collett (nee Wergeland) i

Amtmandens Daughters: The main character Sophie find that two of her three older sisters are married offto men they do not really want. They are very unhappy, and Sophie swears that it will never happen to her. The third sister married the other hand, the man she loves, but notthis marriage is a happy one.
Throughout the story we are, next to Sophie's family, to know the tutor Georg Kold.Through a series of flashbacks in the form of diary entries, letters, etc., we learn that the relationship between Sophie and Kold in the beginning was tense. Sophie travels then tohis aunt in Copenhagen for a while, and when she returns to the farm, it flares up feelingsbetween the two.
Kold, like Sophie, critical convention to family in their time. He is also a mysterious type, which is described as a kind of classic romantic hero. The hero falls in love with words in.Sophie Sophie is a modern woman, who does not believe in marriage as an institution.You could say that she, for Camilla Collett is a kind of ideal woman. Unfortunately, it endsnot as one would hope. When Kold is visited by his friend Muller, he did not dare to acknowledge his love for Sophie, and told Muller that he only plays with her. Thisoverhears Sophie, and their relationship falls apart.
During a family visit to Dean Rein, Dean falls for Sophie, and proposes to her. Powered by its deep disappointment at the Kold's betrayal, and of family and community norms,Sophie says yes. Kold hear about this and tries to intervene, and resolve the situation, but it's all useless. Sophie marries Dean Rein, and ends up in a loveless marriage of convenience. Yet this marriage was not unhappy, because Sophie is surrounded bypeople she loves and who love her.

I am still reading chapter on as it is in old Norwegian and it's a bit difficult to read half Norwegian half Danish..! Camilla Collett grew up in the same city as me, so I feel I should know some of her books...!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A few days ago

A few days ago, actually it was Wednesday..I hwas in contact with my brother through sms messages, and he was in Aberdeen for work, so husband and I decided that we'd drive to Aberdeen to meet up with him.

SO..Husband took a half day off work, we picked Catriona up from school at 3, and away we went. i was a little worried as it said SNOW FORECAST, and I got a bit more worried when we drove through a hailstorm, but when it had passed the sun shone all the way to Aberdeen (takes us 3 hours to drive up there)

View from the car, sorry about dirty windows...!

 Trying to get a picture of the lovely moon, but no good!

Not so easy trying to catch the moon while driving rather fast...! 

In the car with Uncle T. on our way to a restaurant...ended up having tapas and that was nice..and we were rather hungry..yum yum..!

 In uncle T's hotel room(that has ghosts in it apparently) chatting to auntie N. via Skype
Another picture on our way TO Aberdeen

As far as I know he didn't finish his work and he might be back in a few weeks time!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Couldn't believe it

A few weeks ago when Princess and I had to go to East Kilbride to check her vision, we popped in to a charity chop...just for fun, and just to have a look...

I actually ended up buying something, and I know it's not what my simple living is about, but I just couldn't believe what I found....'

It is a plate from Figgjo, with a Norwegian prayer or food blessing...I really just had to get it, and it cost me about £2.50 or something like that...well worth the money, especially since we currently are using baby plates, not for dinner but for our lunches..plastic plates..but this one is a proper ceramic and has been used every day the last few weeks. 

I love it, but of course the true owner is Princess Catriona!

Monday, 5 March 2012


What a lovely day we have had today, the sun has been shining almost all day,  I have done loads of stuff in the house, cleared the kitchen counter had home cooked ribs for dinner, been to dancing , showered, ironed shirts..and Princess got her dance exam results, both in Tap and Freestyle she got a Highly commended..which is the highest mark. It seems all the practising paid off! 
Well done babygirl!!

I hope tomorrow will be another great day...I was inspired today by a lady named Claire, she has lost 2 stone and looks really well! 

That's where I want to be...and I believe I can..come of..Claire goes to Zumba three times every if I start doing my own stuff I should be able to lose some more weight. 
If I have time tomorrow I will do a 30 minutes session, I have to start one of these days..why not tomorrow? 

Will let you know how I get on. 
Now it's nearly bedtime, I will take my cough to the kitchen sink, do the dishes and shine it too, and then head for bed..! I am getting quite tired, and I fancy a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime.

Oh, spring is coming, I saw some mini daisies outside my house..!


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tidy up week

Our house has been a big mess the last few weeks, first our washing maching was leaking and it has been in out from it's place in over two weeks, still wet behind it and I need to dry it out before we put it back on the same day the boiler pump stopped working and we have had no heating for same amount of the boiler cover is in the hallway together with all the stuff that normally would be IN the the bolier room.

Yeah, and of course with only one little fan heater the last weeks, it has been rather difficult to dry our I had to have a drying rack in the livingroom and I am WAY behind on washing clothes.

Yesterday a new(used) pump was installed and we have heating again..! I have done two loads of washing both today and yesterday, and more to come tomorrow. I have several hours to fix stuff.

Not to forget mentioning that we went shopping today and came home with a bunch of stuff...toilet rolls for a month, tissue paper, washing powder for the next three months...and so on. Feels good but also very messy.

I will try to put the "DO IT NOW" saying into practise...not wait until later..although I  am tired and should go to bed..Guess I am going to start with the do it now, and go and iron that shirt..or maybe all four....?
Do it now...