Friday, 9 March 2012

Couldn't believe it

A few weeks ago when Princess and I had to go to East Kilbride to check her vision, we popped in to a charity chop...just for fun, and just to have a look...

I actually ended up buying something, and I know it's not what my simple living is about, but I just couldn't believe what I found....'

It is a plate from Figgjo, with a Norwegian prayer or food blessing...I really just had to get it, and it cost me about £2.50 or something like that...well worth the money, especially since we currently are using baby plates, not for dinner but for our lunches..plastic plates..but this one is a proper ceramic and has been used every day the last few weeks. 

I love it, but of course the true owner is Princess Catriona!


  1. Den hadde jeg også glatt kjøpt! :D

  2. Det der må være et av de søteste fatene jeg noen gang har sett! Og at du fant det i UK! Jeg hadde nok også lett kjøpt det om jeg hadde funnet det =)


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