Thursday, 15 March 2012

Weigh in

Had my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers thismorning, and it showed that since my last wi a few weeks ago I have lost half a pound.

My goal for next week is another pound off! The tracking starts tomorrow. I am kinda of pleased..was hoping for a bit more but nevermind...I want one whole pound next week. Only blipping tonight, as it is my weigh day.

I am hoping for badminton in the weekend, zumba Monday morning and dancing Monday evening..hopefully that will make a little difference when it comes to my weightloss.

I will also do a bit extra walking tomorrow, so hopefully that will also make a little dent in today choccie munching. Anyway, it is getting late, and I am I will hop into bed and have a little read before I turn the light off...I am reading Amtmandens døtre by Camilla Collett (nee Wergeland) i

Amtmandens Daughters: The main character Sophie find that two of her three older sisters are married offto men they do not really want. They are very unhappy, and Sophie swears that it will never happen to her. The third sister married the other hand, the man she loves, but notthis marriage is a happy one.
Throughout the story we are, next to Sophie's family, to know the tutor Georg Kold.Through a series of flashbacks in the form of diary entries, letters, etc., we learn that the relationship between Sophie and Kold in the beginning was tense. Sophie travels then tohis aunt in Copenhagen for a while, and when she returns to the farm, it flares up feelingsbetween the two.
Kold, like Sophie, critical convention to family in their time. He is also a mysterious type, which is described as a kind of classic romantic hero. The hero falls in love with words in.Sophie Sophie is a modern woman, who does not believe in marriage as an institution.You could say that she, for Camilla Collett is a kind of ideal woman. Unfortunately, it endsnot as one would hope. When Kold is visited by his friend Muller, he did not dare to acknowledge his love for Sophie, and told Muller that he only plays with her. Thisoverhears Sophie, and their relationship falls apart.
During a family visit to Dean Rein, Dean falls for Sophie, and proposes to her. Powered by its deep disappointment at the Kold's betrayal, and of family and community norms,Sophie says yes. Kold hear about this and tries to intervene, and resolve the situation, but it's all useless. Sophie marries Dean Rein, and ends up in a loveless marriage of convenience. Yet this marriage was not unhappy, because Sophie is surrounded bypeople she loves and who love her.

I am still reading chapter on as it is in old Norwegian and it's a bit difficult to read half Norwegian half Danish..! Camilla Collett grew up in the same city as me, so I feel I should know some of her books...!


  1. Så hyggelig at du vil delta på "Giborten" min!
    Og selvsagt kan du velge produktene i fargen "klar" om det skulle bli du som er den heldige :)

    Ha en fin helg :)


  2. Har selv litt lyst til å lese Amtmandens Døtre, så tror jammen jeg skal forsøke på å få gjort det til sommeren når jeg er hjemme i Norge igjen :)


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