Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tidy up week

Our house has been a big mess the last few weeks, first our washing maching was leaking and it has been in out from it's place in over two weeks, still wet behind it and I need to dry it out before we put it back on the same day the boiler pump stopped working and we have had no heating for same amount of the boiler cover is in the hallway together with all the stuff that normally would be IN the the bolier room.

Yeah, and of course with only one little fan heater the last weeks, it has been rather difficult to dry our I had to have a drying rack in the livingroom and I am WAY behind on washing clothes.

Yesterday a new(used) pump was installed and we have heating again..! I have done two loads of washing both today and yesterday, and more to come tomorrow. I have several hours to fix stuff.

Not to forget mentioning that we went shopping today and came home with a bunch of stuff...toilet rolls for a month, tissue paper, washing powder for the next three months...and so on. Feels good but also very messy.

I will try to put the "DO IT NOW" saying into practise...not wait until later..although I  am tired and should go to bed..Guess I am going to start with the do it now, and go and iron that shirt..or maybe all four....?
Do it now...

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