Wednesday, 29 October 2008


hello, everyone! how are you all doing? we are fine her in Scotland, but it's really cold out there. i am glad i am here in my lovey warm house....but only for a while.

It's almost time to go to the nursery, and last night i finished this headband.. and it's something i will wear myself, as well as my princess.

oh mobilephone stopped working, so now i had to find out how to upload photos...and i have. BUT of camera is in need of a bit of batterycharging..and did i mention that i can't find the charger???

how annoying, so i have had to use my old digital camera..and the colours are't quite right, as this is supposed to be the same colour as the tuva hat that i knitted earlier. well, it wil be cheaper for me doing it this way compared to sending pics to my email. and i might even put some pictures of the suff i am actually doing, and not just the finished stuff:)

do i have time for a bit of knitting before i go..uuuuum, nope...need to get a few things done i'll try to finish most of my gilmore vest tonight. i wanted to wear it tomorrow evening. we'll just have to see how well my hands behave tonight:)

have a good day!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


it's another good morning in rainy scotland..i did promise you some they are here you so help yourself..i would have had them ready made for you if you came over:)

now. i forgot to post about the wollies i made for Catriona. but here they are..i thikn they'll be rather nice to wear when it really gets cold and wet.

i have again used king Cole Mirage..this is the blueish one. i also started a new project even if i said i was going to finish some other stuff. but i am home alone this week..and i watch tv to make the evenings no fbs for me until hubby is home. i started knitting the gilmore vest and will probably focus on this one and the baktus scarf as well. let's see how far i get.

i better get back to my daughter and her painting..and the tidying up..!
have a good day everyone! thank you for visiting me and come back soon

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

turn a square

good afternoon everybody, how are you all? i hope you are as well as i am:)
we are back from London, all in one piece. it was a great weekend but a hard one. to say goodbye to littlesister :( but i know she'll have fun in OZ.i didn't get alot of knitting done, as i was traveling during the night both ways..but being home one day i have finished another christmas pressie, a hat for my dear Big Brother Terje. it's Turn a square pattern by Jared Flood and is a free ravelry download:)

i have probably mentioned that i have been using King Cole Mirage for this hat...once again i use this great King Cole's my absolute favourite:)

even if it does split at certain bits..i haven't found any knots and the colours are just fantastic!!

This week my plan is to finish a couple of projects i have been working that in a few weeks i can buy some more wool and start some new projects! yippie for list in revelry is still rather long;)

so have a good week , and thank you for visiting. come back soon.. i'll have some norwegian waffles ready for you:)

Friday, 17 October 2008


Hello, good morning and welcome to my little spot on the web! I hope you are fine, and that you have had a good week:) the weekend is here, what are your plans?

our plans are that when hubby comes home from work we'll be on our way to London.. 5-6 hours drive or so i think. atleast that's what hubby says..but i do think he's a bit....ehhhhh...speedy...!

nevermind, we'l get there when we get there. The picture above it what i have been knitting this's a cowl and the name is Aibhlinn, and i love it...and it's not just because the last part is my name;) i have used noro cash iroha, and i love the feel of the finished project. but not my favourite to knit's not bad, that's not what i am saying. it's nice, but i still have another fave!

now,. as we'll be leaving the house for a few days , i will of course have to bring some knitting along..and i will probably bring Catriona's woolies, a Baktus scarf and a hat i started on last night. i will have a few hours of kniting, and i need something simple due to the lack of daylight.
on sunday evening Catriona and i will take the bus home, and we'll arrive in Scotland monday morning. i am guessing i'll be knitting a bit on my way back too. I am excited, haven't been to london since 1999..and i hope i might be able to visit a wool shop sometime on Saturday;) if hubby is nice and willing..haha, we'll see.

when i come home..Nan, watch out...i'll be down during the week..i reckon i will have used all my king cole by then;)

now it's time to FLY, thank you for visiting me, have a great weekend
and come back soon!
hugs from me

Thursday, 9 October 2008


And a good morning to you all, i am sitting here with my morningcoffee... and i am so happy! the Marius is finished, and it fits just perfect. i have really worked hard to finish these last two days. last night the second sleeve was in place, and then i had to fasten all those "millions and catrillions " of ends. now that is another job i hate to do! but at 23.00 last night i got my hubby to take the photo, me;very eager to show off.

i can not really believe it, it's done, and i can wear it!!!!!! and if the hubby remembers that i am going to glasgow knit n stitch on sunday..well i will be wearing it be sure

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


hello there and welcome to my little space! i hope you are all doing great:)

it feels as if i haven't updated for some time now, but i have finally finished another christmas present...things has been going rather slow lately. For this scarf i have once again used KingCole Mirage.
the pattern is a triangle scarf, but i can't actually find a link to it. and by the way...If you wonder about those stumps of wool on the ends of the scarf...i can't find any scissors..but i have fastened them and they are ready to be cut off.

i really need to tell you about my jumper..the marius one..i did encounter some problems...the sewing machine i was supposed to borrow from my mother in law..well, it didn't quite work, and none of the sewing ladies down town wanted to sew anything that has wool in i have had to sew by hand...yikes!!! so one sleeve is finished and actually sewn on, but the other is only if i really get a move on...i COULD finish the sewing tonight..but i'm not sure...i really hate sewing.

now, i don't mean sewing with wool, this is a tiny blue sewing thread..blah!!!!i have sewn both shoulders together though,,so not much left. i will have it done by next weekend! YES i will.

and i better, because the scottish weather is getting colder, i have found all my hats, scarves and mittens from last winter. today it's pouring down out there, and because i don't have any wellies, i know i'll get soaked, but my neck will be warm atleast, it's rather foggy out there too.

i better go and plan the next present i am going to make.
see you later, and come back soon