Tuesday, 21 October 2008

turn a square

good afternoon everybody, how are you all? i hope you are as well as i am:)
we are back from London, all in one piece. it was a great weekend but a hard one. to say goodbye to littlesister :( but i know she'll have fun in OZ.i didn't get alot of knitting done, as i was traveling during the night both ways..but being home one day i have finished another christmas pressie, a hat for my dear Big Brother Terje. it's Turn a square pattern by Jared Flood and is a free ravelry download:)

i have probably mentioned that i have been using King Cole Mirage for this hat...once again i use this great King Cole Mirage..it's my absolute favourite:)

even if it does split at certain bits..i haven't found any knots and the colours are just fantastic!!

This week my plan is to finish a couple of projects i have been working on..so that in a few weeks i can buy some more wool and start some new projects! yippie for that..my list in revelry is still rather long;)

so have a good week , and thank you for visiting. come back soon.. i'll have some norwegian waffles ready for you:)

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  1. Flott lue - kjekt å få kontroll på julegavene så tidlig som mulig :-)


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