Wednesday, 29 October 2008


hello, everyone! how are you all doing? we are fine her in Scotland, but it's really cold out there. i am glad i am here in my lovey warm house....but only for a while.

It's almost time to go to the nursery, and last night i finished this headband.. and it's something i will wear myself, as well as my princess.

oh mobilephone stopped working, so now i had to find out how to upload photos...and i have. BUT of camera is in need of a bit of batterycharging..and did i mention that i can't find the charger???

how annoying, so i have had to use my old digital camera..and the colours are't quite right, as this is supposed to be the same colour as the tuva hat that i knitted earlier. well, it wil be cheaper for me doing it this way compared to sending pics to my email. and i might even put some pictures of the suff i am actually doing, and not just the finished stuff:)

do i have time for a bit of knitting before i go..uuuuum, nope...need to get a few things done i'll try to finish most of my gilmore vest tonight. i wanted to wear it tomorrow evening. we'll just have to see how well my hands behave tonight:)

have a good day!!


  1. it's really nice! both headband and sweet girl!

  2. Fint pannebånd, og den ullbuksen under her ble jo bare lekker! Likte så godt fargene i den :)


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