Thursday, 21 February 2008

Christopher blanket

right....this is my ever first granny square blanket, for baby Christopher who will be born shortly..maybe a week or two or so. i am only halfway with it though..but it keeps me busy in the evenings. i do hope his mum will like it, and that the coulours are all right. i was going to make a cardigan for him, but they live in Las Vegas...and it might not be ideal isn't a blanket better?? i hope so..!!
talking about Granny squares..the lady at my LYS ,(nagged2k) gave me a great idea...make a blanket that's just one HUGE granny i have started..maybe it will be finished in 2010...! i do like the idea of having such a blanket though:))

SOTS-ii, clue 1

So i finally finished clue 1 of the Secret of the Stole-ii, it has beenlying there just waiting for me to finish..i don't find it difficult at all so far. Just keep the count right and i'm flying. Unfortunately it will have to wait a bit before i can continue...i really need to finish my Mystic Water first,...not much left on that one. i am thinking a would want to wear it before the spring comes along;)

Kamma socks

When i bought a pair of shoes for my daughter i decided they needed to be a bit big so she could wear a pair of knitted socks as well as her normal cotton socks-it's still winter here in Scotland...! she has been using my socks for about a week now, but finally i managed to finish a pair for her. i am very happy with them..just knitted from toe and up..with the wrap and it's so easy. i will make lots more socks. i have started my february socks Thuja
i think they finish up quickly:)

garnmysteriet 3/

long time no see....i have been busy knitting, and we had visitors from Norway:) my brother and his girlfriend was here for a few days. there was no time for knitting. but i have finished the Garnmysteriet 3 (yarn mystery 3) at hobbyboden
I love the ending of the mystery, this hat! it's supposed to be a kind of cap, but i have chosen to leave it like this..for now atleast:) i will probably make another one later on.when i have somemore time. it was really easy to knit these cables, and i am glad i have had some practise, because i will soon start knitting Anna Dalvi's Burridge Lake Aran Afghan

Friday, 1 February 2008

january hat/januarlua

the Gemma beret is finished, this was my january hat, in the knitalong in hobbyboden. although i finished it today feb.1st. i am very happy with the hat and the i'm off for a cup of tea and to knit a row or two on my MW shawl. have a great weekend!!


her er min Gemma beret, det er janaurluen, in alongen paa hobbyboden, selv om jeg har blitt ferdig i dag..1 februar. jeg er veldig fornoeyd med lua og fargen ikke minst. naa skal jeg lage en kopp te, og strikke et par rader paa MW sjalet mitt.god helg alle sammen!!