Thursday, 21 February 2008

Christopher blanket

right....this is my ever first granny square blanket, for baby Christopher who will be born shortly..maybe a week or two or so. i am only halfway with it though..but it keeps me busy in the evenings. i do hope his mum will like it, and that the coulours are all right. i was going to make a cardigan for him, but they live in Las Vegas...and it might not be ideal isn't a blanket better?? i hope so..!!
talking about Granny squares..the lady at my LYS ,(nagged2k) gave me a great idea...make a blanket that's just one HUGE granny i have started..maybe it will be finished in 2010...! i do like the idea of having such a blanket though:))


  1. Kjempefint!! Jeg synes også fargene var flotte sammen - og passende til en liten gutt:)

  2. Dette er da flott og det er fargene også :-)
    Ha en fin dag.

  3. Kjempefint teppe. Fargene var nydelige. Og jeg tipper mottakeren blir glad.

  4. wow - you have been very busy with all these projects on the go !

  5. Så fint teppe du har hekla. Nydelige farger også. Heldig den som får det.


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