Friday, 29 November 2013

New Film

I received an email about the Nordic film festival here in UK, and one film cought my eye. It's called
  Chasing the wind and has three showings in uk I think.

I will try to go and view it, if I can get the husband to agree.

It's finally weekend, it's quite windy outside, which is sad,because I have to go out in it. I am not going far though so hopefully be back within the hour.

 Oh,and before I finish up, I took some weeks and weeks ago. We had to walk a route we don't usually walkand after several weeks I noticed this just next to the road. I really like it.

 Here's the whole lot of them, twelve signs,each for each month..
 Here's june
 And April, up side down of course
Just next to that, there's a map over an art cool! Might try it one day!

But not today,now I am just going to finish my coffee and then get going. I do have a couple of knitted things finished...might even get around to show you those too...
See ya later, lovelies!  (Hey Torrin, sorry- but I do it too even before I "met" you!!)

Friday, 22 November 2013

-what day??-

What a week ,not that is has been that out of theordinary but still...Schools were off on Monday- Inservice day, so when school started on Monday it just utterly confused me.

I even phoned my 91 years old grandmother thinking it was Monday...I bet that made her feel good about herself knowing she forgets bits and bobs.

Tuesday was a pretty good day,even managed to get ourselves too Highland dancing,and allthe mums sat there discussing stuff...can't even remember what it was but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Wednesday was pretty cool too, after school it was time for dinner and then off to Brownies. While dsughter was at Brownies I had planned to continue reading Pyramids by Terry Pratchett (yup,I have been hooked on Discworld since December 2012) but alas, it didn't work out for me. Instead I went home with a friend of mine and had acup of coffee and a good chat. It was nice, don't see her half as much anymore as before the summer.

Yesterday was tougher, daughter was being difficult in the morning,but got her off to school atleast.Home,dinner then swimming...home to practise piano...tougfh day,I think she is rather tired and will get her to bed early tonight. After her piano lesson with Charlotte the great.

It was a tough morning today as well, can I excuse it with it being a Friday? I am not sure,but it's really hardgoing.

I am in my mind thinking that after the summer we finish the swimming, unless she really wants to continue. She is definetly doing well.

About me...My hair feels so long, and this Friday I have decided on getting rid of afew bits and know : going for the minimalistic house. Not sure if I will ever manage,but I will give it a shot.

Wish me luck.
Have a good weekend lovelies!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


This first picture was taken yesterday,18th of November. Not really any difference than last month . Still the same length,and difficult to take a picture of.

Wet hair after plopping it. Was heavily oiled with Coconut oil before washing as well.

These two pics was taken today 19th of November, really difficult to take pics of my hair.
 Besides, I don't like how it looks these days. Could be because :
* I must not do heavy oiling, only oiling of my ends*

Aaargh,I also look so big...! not good!!

Anyway,enjoy your day peeps.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Been a while

More than a few weeks since  I posted properly. I can of course explain.

Some weeks ago my laptop decided to let go of the screen, which means it's no longer a LAPtop, more of a sits on the arm of my beighbouring sofa and it's hard work using the internet.

It doesn't stop me, and I have been obsessed with hair lately (again). I have finally , at the age of 35 understood what it takes to finally getting waist long hair. I have wanted loooong  hair since I was 8, and never gotten past waist.

BUT now I GET it. I need to take care of my ends, keep them healthy, search and destroy , oil them and stop brushing my hair with a hairbrush. For 3 weeks now I have only combed my hair with a plastic wide tooth comb that I have had for years and years.

So, I will not have a haircut ever again, a trim maybe but no cut. If I manage to kep on top of split ends I shouldn't need a trim either. So there you have it:)

I am a very happy lass now that I have figured it out.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Classic hair

Just the latest hair picture, taken today after 10 hours in braids.

The plan is to go for Classis length...I guess it willtake a couple of years to get there.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hair 2

This is my hair today! The picture is a bit dark, but it WAS taken in a dark room!


One thing I have never really mentioned before is my obsession with hair. I have since I was 8 wanted long hair.

So over the years it has growb. But I have never really had it longer than I have it these days. I thought I would share a  picture with you all.

My new project it to let it grow without a major cut  for 2 years..until October 2015.

This is my October 15th 2013 picture!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mid week

Yes, it's Wednesday and mid week. We are inluck because this Friday all the schools are off. It's the September weekend and I can sleep a bit longer than

Which is really good, because I didn't sleep very well last night at all. Kept waking up and wondered if I had slept at all. I probably have ...but I feel like this:

I had a dentist appointment today, took me only 10 minutes because the splint didn't even there. I had to take a new imprint and I am going back next Monday.

Oh, also...I had to lift my mood a little, so I popped in to "my" phamacy and I bought some new nailpolishes. LAcolour, I like them and might pop in on Friday again when they get some new colours in..!

But first, I have to make myself something to eat and then get started on some housework that needs done. It feels like this at home these days...

So, I guess I have a little bit of work ahead of me. I will fight through my tiredness..!
See you later lovelies...oh by the ARE allowed to!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Another Friday

It's Friday again, and my goodness how tired am I ? Can't seem towake up at all. It has been like this for a few days now. I just can't seem to get anything done.

I just realised, it could have something to do with my changed eating habits.  will just have to fight this tiredness and get on with all the things I need to.

My Kamma is home from school  today, her nose is full of snot, her throat and ears full of phlegm and I thought best to keep her home.

She is organiseing her Moshi Monsters stuff at the moment. But even if it's a home day, it doesn't mean it's a no work day for either of us.

A 6 hours school day might be alot, but tackling her messy room shouldn't take all energy out of her..and also a bit of piano playing should be ok. She has a 30 minute lesson tonight , and that is still alot less than 6 hours at school.

I am desperate to get some new knitting on my needles, but I don't have the time and when I do have the time I can't find the right pattern...and when I find the right pattern I don't have the right wool...bad feeling this.

For now I will just continue knitting that scarf until I have nomore wool, and then I will do that hat..yes..I am "designing" a new hat. Let's see how THAT goes.  I have no idea on how to do knitting pattens..soI don't know if I should knit and try to sell than all done..or if I should make a pattern and sell the pattern..! Or maybe both...! Or none...!

What I do know is that I need to finish up here and do the dishes and hang up my washing..! Have a great weekend, let me know what your up to if you are reading this.

Take care lovelies!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bare en liten sak som jeg måhuske på...

Physical, -- but not in the ways I used to define this, where it meant running around trying 

to find new clients here and there and at the other place, and getting exhausted. 

Physical, in the sense of physically taking care of things like my taxes; in the sense of clearing the mess from my desk and putting a system in place to track and direct all the new income 

I'll be generating; in the sense of setting up my studio to handle the increased energy, focus, and flow of paying work. 

Physical in the sense of continuing to declutter my living space and make it into something I feel good about and that reflects my new ideas about who I am. 

And then physically going and exercising more, and going to play more with my horse and allowing myself to enjoy that life I already have.

Rain today

Yes, it's raining today, pouring down outside. I have been enjoying loads of tea, and paleo breakfast and lunch too.

According to the weighing scales, my weight is down a little, but not loads.That is ok,  I am still at the start of my program. I will have to make another batch of tomoto soup tomorrow morning, luckily I have alot of passata I can use.

Last night on the evening of my fifth day I got soooo hungry for something sweet, but I stayed away from the biscuits that were on the table. Instead I made myself a little smoothie..Raspberries, banana and grapes. It took away the need for something sweet.

I was also busy cutting hair yesterday, first the husband, then my own hair and last the daughters hair. Also did a hairdo made up by Kamma herself.  Here is it.

The last on my mind these days are letters,I haven't written any letters for probably a week, and I am starting to feel bad as I have many letters to reply to. Some people (online groups) got a new idea, napkinholders for letterholder. I myself have been doing that for well over 10 years and this is one of  MY letterholders. I love it, becaue of that special Rose motif that I absolutely LOVE.  I still think it's so cute.

Anyway, i still haven't done some stuff I feel I should have done, such as setting my goals and working towards them. I will have to do that tomorrow,  some goal setting. I have a webinar in the middle of the night, hopefully I can mangae to attend it..if I am not to tired!

But, I need to get going. I have been inspired by a canadian family that has turned their "new" timewasters off. So i am doing the same. Not intirely, but I want to do more STUFF!!

Take care and have a great day lovelies!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday 13th

Today is a lucky day, because my grandmother was born 91 years ago.  Happy birthday Fama!

My new food thing is going pretty well actually and lets see how next week goes. It was slightly hard to resist biscuits last night, but I did it. 
These Pukka teas are what i have been drinking the last few days, more tea than usual and less coffee than usual. Even at the WW meeting yesterday I said no thank's to the coffee in there. We were so lucky , a man came in the room with a bowl full of fruit and said that we could have it all. Guess what we all sat munching on during the talkie talk bit? 

Indeed , it was apples!!

Yesterday , as I walked to school to pick up Kamma I took a photo of some trees I passed..thought it looked really nice and I want to share with you.
Also, last but not might knowm how I also am an Avon Representative? Well, I went to see a new customer today and I found the cutest spiderweb around..
See for spider anywhere I might add..

So, you'd think this was the end of today..nope,we have just started. But I better get on with my work, have tons of stuff to do to be honest!! 

Take care of yourselves lovelies 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Yeah, sure why not?
I have bewildered myself into the deep forest of the unknown...and it's a little scary. So...did I mention my little food challenge? Well, I have been doing "it" for 24 cheating..cause what's the point?

Still having coconut milk in my coffee(not that great tasting just yet, but I drank it without problems this morning). More energy? Not quite yet, maybe another day or so?

Eggs for lunch with ham..and then a banana..! And I feel rather satisfied..that's just weird.

Well, that's that...I am supposed to go out, but it's pouring outside and I was hoping it migh lighten a little before I venture out there. I have come  to the conclusion that this Autumn and will be a lot of tights, wellies and skirts for me...! My fairly new Adidas trainers won't hold the whole winter I can tell you already  now :(

And my last pair of jeans that fit,when they are done, they're done.  I WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE JEANS!!!  I already have several in the wardrobe, unused, not until I can fit them I need to wear what I have..and skirts that fit, that I have.

So, I hope this challenge I have joined will give me a boost in the right direction!  But, as I say, still early days but I am hopeful.

Oh whoops, there's a knock on the door...oh a delivery man..guess what arrived?
Yup, it's a set of  Highland dance swords for Kamma. I will get a picture for you and post it tomorrow!

I better get going now, someone named Jacky is waiting for me...!

Have a good day lovelies

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Good morning everyone,
I don't mean to be negative here but this month has not started so great...the last week i have been struggling with headaches, not constant but that could be because I have been taking headache tablets almost every day.

So, it IS time to change my life, i have had som many signs the last week that it's just crazy and I can see now how it all fits together.

So from  today I will start a new challenge..if you have followed me a will already know that I always fall off any challenge..but this is only for 30 days and I have a chance to see if I feel any different. It has to do with eating, and today is the first day.

It's arranged by Melissa and I will do my very best to keep this going.

Apart from my no energy and still goes on and I still have laundry to do and activities to take Kamma to..and on Mondays this is my waiting view....
 This is where I often spend an hour on a Monday evening..yay!

 This morning when I came back home fromthe school run, I had a cup of coffee in that lovely mug my gave me for my birthday. I guess it will be the last time for weeks that I hae normal milk in my coffee...let's see how we like THAT  :) 

The last picture of the day, my friend posted it on her Facebook page, it's her 35th birthday today and to honour her , her picture comes up here. It's is also going into my smashbook later on today so there..! 

Gratulerer med dagen Rigmor  !
Now I am off to sort out my kitchen, to see what lunchtime will bring me..! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday morning blues

Or something like that.
Last night I was watching tennis again, it was my tennishero Rafa Nadal! He won..and now he is ready for the final in US Open...

Anyway, I was watching and knitting, and here is it in the very will take ages to knit because each round had over 500 stitches..but it's really easy tv knitting.
Start of the Kamma bunad

The plan is to actually write the pattern as I go along, and who knows..maybe someone else would like to use this too. What is it going to be you ask? 

The answer is a national dress from my daughter. It should be finished by 17th of may I don't have that much time to be honest. As I said...500 stitches takes a while. 

Over to something else...

I had this really weird dreajm, but I think it was just trying to tell me something, and it was all about blue butterflies not unlike this one. 

Blue butterfly from dream

What can I's not the first time that I get some sort of sin through my dreams...and I have always followed my dreams in that way. 
Not all dreams are true though, but I always know which they are..they are the ones that aren't as clear as the others. 

You probably find that as weird as anything, and that is fine. 
So, I am going to take my blue butterfly talk and go for a walk in this fine September weather. 
Have a good day my lovlies. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Right, ladies and gentlemen...
I am horribly sorry that my blog has been so unused this year..I have been very busy doing lots of other things, such as writing letters,  reading books and taking my 9 years old daughter to all her clubs.

But, i have decided to get some life into this blog again..not like it used to be..not only knitting but a bit of everything.

So, I will start with today...

I have been crocheting..a big pale blue, grey and a few more colours..I can't reveal what it is just yet ..or who it is for I should say.
Another thing that was big in our house happened a while ago, a meeting with a celebrity here in UK. Her name is Beth Tweddle and my Kamma met up with her. Pity you can't see the medal hanging around Kamma's neck..but it IS a real Olympic Bronze medal, it's the Medal Ms.Tweddle won in London 2012, Gymnastics of course!
Beth Tweddle and Kamma 

Today it's another busy day for us, the husband is at work, and for us here at home we have been busy..Kamma practising the piano, trying to do some homework...more piano practising, and later on she has gymnastics and she will go directly from gymnastics to her piano lesson with Charlotte.

We do keep ourselves busy indeed! Hoping to finish my secret crocheting..and then to start making a blanket for Nisse's little boy.He's not due until October, so I do have a little time..but better get started..!

By the way, the nailpolish of the day is an old Avon polish...bronze like Beth's olympic medal.

Monday, 3 June 2013

poem found on FB- In Norwegian

Livets strikketøy

Den gang vi kom til verden da fikk vi en presang,
et nøste med vår skjebne, og ingen vet hvor lang.
Da la vi alle masker opp til livets strikketøy,
der vil det stå i mønsteret når vi jukset og vi løy.

Hver maske er en dag, og hver omgang er et år,
og alt vi gjør og sier i strikketøyet står.
Og mistet vi en maske og lot den rakne ned,
det var kan hende venner vi aldri mer fikk se.

Noen har et strikketøy med varme farger i,
det er de gode strikkersker som kjærlighet kan gi.
Men alle må vi strikke med det garnet vi har fått
selv om det av og til kan virke kjedelig og grått.

Og når vi så blir eldre da tenker vi som så;
Hvor mye er tilbake av livets strikketråd?
Vi håper at det holder slik at vi kan felle av,
så tomme strikkepinner blir korset på vår grav.

Og møter vi St. Peter som vokter himmelens port,
vi gir ham strikketøyet med alt som vi har gjort.
Da gransker han det nøye og sier
Kjære barn,her oppe har vi bruk for en mengde opprekksgarn.

Da vasker himmelens engler vårt garn så reint og hvitt,
de glatter det og ordner det til det blir knutefritt.
Det legges så på lager, så mykt og fint og bløtt,
- kan hende det skal brukes til barna som blir født?

Fast turnaround

How can someone's mood turn around so fast? Just under a week ago I woke up feeling great, and today I feel completely opposite.  Can it be that we have booked tickets to go home to my hometown during the summer holidays and I am already thinking about the problems we might face?

The unhappiness and things not said outloud.? I am feeling really down the dumps today/.so I just wanted this off my chest. I am going to put on some music and sing out load..usually helps me feel better.

But, it is still weird what a turnaround my mood has had since only yesterday.  Things will have to change here at home too. So I DO have many things to do over the next 3hours. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013


June is here, I have many thoughts about what I need to do over the next few days.
I am hoping I will have enough time to do everything. We have now booked our holiday and I do look forward to going away for a little.

I (my husband) have ordered my new shoes and hopefully they'll arrive before we go. All the busyness starts tomorrow, wish me luck!!!!

Monday, 27 May 2013

27th May

Yes, what a wonderful day. Actually it's pouring down here today, but it IS my little sisters 30'th birthday today so it is a great day.I hope she is having a great day.

I am so far away from her, so I wont be doing anything partying for her lol.

What I have done is 5K on the treadmill, and it was all of a sudden alot easier again. I ran for 10 minutes today without any effort. Very satisfying. I would have been well under 40 minutes today...but my husband phoned and I had to walk the last 200 meters of the 5k. I was still under 40  minutes even with the walk at the end.

I have been on a standstill on the scales for a few days, so I hoping it will move down just a little before Thursday.
So onwards and forward and downwards....!