Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday morning blues

Or something like that.
Last night I was watching tennis again, it was my tennishero Rafa Nadal! He won..and now he is ready for the final in US Open...

Anyway, I was watching and knitting, and here is it in the very will take ages to knit because each round had over 500 stitches..but it's really easy tv knitting.
Start of the Kamma bunad

The plan is to actually write the pattern as I go along, and who knows..maybe someone else would like to use this too. What is it going to be you ask? 

The answer is a national dress from my daughter. It should be finished by 17th of may I don't have that much time to be honest. As I said...500 stitches takes a while. 

Over to something else...

I had this really weird dreajm, but I think it was just trying to tell me something, and it was all about blue butterflies not unlike this one. 

Blue butterfly from dream

What can I's not the first time that I get some sort of sin through my dreams...and I have always followed my dreams in that way. 
Not all dreams are true though, but I always know which they are..they are the ones that aren't as clear as the others. 

You probably find that as weird as anything, and that is fine. 
So, I am going to take my blue butterfly talk and go for a walk in this fine September weather. 
Have a good day my lovlies. 

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