Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday 13th

Today is a lucky day, because my grandmother was born 91 years ago.  Happy birthday Fama!

My new food thing is going pretty well actually and lets see how next week goes. It was slightly hard to resist biscuits last night, but I did it. 
These Pukka teas are what i have been drinking the last few days, more tea than usual and less coffee than usual. Even at the WW meeting yesterday I said no thank's to the coffee in there. We were so lucky , a man came in the room with a bowl full of fruit and said that we could have it all. Guess what we all sat munching on during the talkie talk bit? 

Indeed , it was apples!!

Yesterday , as I walked to school to pick up Kamma I took a photo of some trees I passed..thought it looked really nice and I want to share with you.
Also, last but not might knowm how I also am an Avon Representative? Well, I went to see a new customer today and I found the cutest spiderweb around..
See for spider anywhere I might add..

So, you'd think this was the end of today..nope,we have just started. But I better get on with my work, have tons of stuff to do to be honest!! 

Take care of yourselves lovelies 

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