Tuesday, 28 April 2009

baby blanket

Hi, I am back again:) Good afternoon everyone!

Look, I have finished the baby blanket, and that is good news because the due date is on Saturday i believe, so very shortly ( hopefully tomorrow) this blanket will be on it's way to Germany to the (very soon) new arrival, and yes: it's a boy!

It didn't take me long to knit this blanket, probably because it was only knit, knit , knit..! It's a very easy pattern, and i enjoyed knitting it. Although the middle bit didn't look very nice until I stretched it like this, wet blocking. I think it'll look nice now, and hopefully the little boy will be able to use it.

The wool I have used is just random wool from my so called stash(if you can call it that, being so tiny) and needles size 5.0 mm.

I guess this is all I have for today, it's back to knitting the wedding afghan for my brother and wife to be. I am definetly getting there! I will spend most this evening watching tv and knitting...typical Tuesday evening for me these days, and I love it!

Continue to have a good week, and hopefully i'll be back next week again!

Thank you for visiting me, and come back soon!


Monday, 27 April 2009

April hat

Good morning everyone, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend:)

A new week has started, and i thought it was time to update with my newest finished project. It didn't take long to knit, but i love the result! The April hat is the Waffle hat, i believe i have used Wendy Mode, Aran and i used 5.5 mm circular needles. I was going to give this hat to someone for Christmas..but i need to think about it, because i really love this hat!

It's a little big for my 5 year old Princess, but it's just great for an adult!

Now that I have finished this hat, it's time to start thinking about the May hat, I will get the pattern later... when May starts;)

Now i need to focus on knitting my brothers wedding afghan, I have started on panel 7, or is it the 8th I have started...hmm, the plan is to have 12 panels anyway...so it'll still be a while until i finish!

Honestly, I can't wait to finish it so I can start knitting some smaller stuff with more "instant results" . I have been thinking about making an afghan like that for ourselves as well...but i think i might want to wait a little while until I start another large project like that!

So, my dear friends this is all I have today and I guess I better get on with other things, such as getting ready to go to nursery, and plan the dinner:)

Thank you for visiting me, and please let me know you were here! And last but not least:

Have a lovely week all of you, hugs from

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Last bit of Easter

This is the last of my Easter 2009, We ended up being rather busy, here's some pictures i took on our little walk.

Sorry about the angle of this photo, but i forgot to edit before i uploaded them...and now i can't get the picture off without removing all photos..Anyway, the sun was bright and it was fairly warm as we started walking from Chaterherault Country Park

These are the famous Cadzow Oaks...very old and beautiful trees.

We went down to the White bridge, and these little steps were just before the bridge..must be said that this road was closed..but we decided to continue walking...

Across White Bridge, and you can see the landslide on the right just behind the dark brown branches...

Here's another picture of the reason this path is closed.. a landslide..!

looks pretty bad, and was a bit scary as well..but it was actually walking across White Bridge that worried me..all i could think about was the childrens tv show Strawberry Shortcake, and how the bridge they were walking on fall down....

Well we managed to get over and even get home..and i settled down with my knitting in the evening. I have so far knitted half of my brothers wedding afghan:)

Next time I'll be back with some knitting or crocheting! Thank you so much for visiting me, and let me know you were here.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Party

Yes, the Easter Party has begun!!!

How much chocolate do you think a almost 5 years old girl can eat?
Inside one of the big eggs, this one i bought, worthy a Princess- Pink Smarties inside.

And more eggs.....

Now i'm off to the party

First of i'm off to see Ruth@, kristin, gud75, torunn, ronille, vibbedille, marihoena, petunia,

Liv-irene, Anita K, lise

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Party

I have been invited to a Easter party by Manne, she runs the Scandinavian Hobbysite Hobbyboden.

I can't wait to get this party started, but the problem is...when will i actually get time to knit anything??Beats me..!

And not to forget that this weekend we're getting another satelite dish, so that I can see my Norwegian channels...so watching tv, trying to lose weight(means alot more exercise) and running a household..where does the knitting come in?

I will just have to make time, I know:) Tomorrow is Thursday, an exciting day as always:)

Thank you for visiting me, come back soon, and let me know you were here:)

SSK clue 1

Hi and good morning again:)
I was in such a good mood yesterday with blogging my on the needle afghan, so I managed to take another photo, this time of my almost finished clue 1 of Secret of shawl KAL , the pattern is fairly easy to knit, atleast so far.

I think I might call myself almost experienced lace knitter..i have knitted away with no mistakes and only to stitchmarkers along each spine. I am knitting the winged version by the way!

wool : Stylecraft Life DK , col. mixed cranberries

needles: 3.5 mm

Very happy with it so far!

Thank you for visiting me, let me know you were here and please come back soon!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Raspberry Chevron

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all doing very well! It feels as if it has been absolutely ages since i finished any projects.

This is the reason why:

This is my brothers wedding present..not quite finished, only nearly halfway, I am on panel 6!

The length is about 180 cm i think and it's really stretchy so I am certain that one of them ( if not both) will be able to use it one of those cold Norwegian winter evenings :)

Close up picture, you can see the colour and I think it can go with pretty much any other colour. I have no idea what colours they have in their house, as they bought it about a month ago or so..I am so excited about their wedding and to see their house!

I better get on with my knitting, hopefully i'll have it finished in April! Can't wait, but what am i going to do when it's finished? It's the easiest tv-knitting ever...maybe i'll make one for our house too??? We'll have to wait and see!

This is all for today, thank you for coming and let me know you were here!