Tuesday, 28 April 2009

baby blanket

Hi, I am back again:) Good afternoon everyone!

Look, I have finished the baby blanket, and that is good news because the due date is on Saturday i believe, so very shortly ( hopefully tomorrow) this blanket will be on it's way to Germany to the (very soon) new arrival, and yes: it's a boy!

It didn't take me long to knit this blanket, probably because it was only knit, knit , knit..! It's a very easy pattern, and i enjoyed knitting it. Although the middle bit didn't look very nice until I stretched it like this, wet blocking. I think it'll look nice now, and hopefully the little boy will be able to use it.

The wool I have used is just random wool from my so called stash(if you can call it that, being so tiny) and needles size 5.0 mm.

I guess this is all I have for today, it's back to knitting the wedding afghan for my brother and wife to be. I am definetly getting there! I will spend most this evening watching tv and knitting...typical Tuesday evening for me these days, and I love it!

Continue to have a good week, and hopefully i'll be back next week again!

Thank you for visiting me, and come back soon!



  1. Masse flott håndarbeid å se i bloggen din, men bekymringsfullt nok fikk synet av "Glasgow" meg til å lengte tilbake til Skottland... (studerte i Edinburgh i sin tid)
    Akkja - kanskje det blir sommerens ferie?

  2. Innom for å ønske deg en fin uke :-) Likte godt babyteppet du har strikket :-)

  3. Gorgeous blanket , I'm sure Mummy and Baby will be delighted!

    PS Thanks for handing my cash to Nan!


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