Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Raspberry Chevron

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all doing very well! It feels as if it has been absolutely ages since i finished any projects.

This is the reason why:

This is my brothers wedding present..not quite finished, only nearly halfway, I am on panel 6!

The length is about 180 cm i think and it's really stretchy so I am certain that one of them ( if not both) will be able to use it one of those cold Norwegian winter evenings :)

Close up picture, you can see the colour and I think it can go with pretty much any other colour. I have no idea what colours they have in their house, as they bought it about a month ago or so..I am so excited about their wedding and to see their house!

I better get on with my knitting, hopefully i'll have it finished in April! Can't wait, but what am i going to do when it's finished? It's the easiest tv-knitting ever...maybe i'll make one for our house too??? We'll have to wait and see!

This is all for today, thank you for coming and let me know you were here!


  1. Lekkert teppe! Blir en kjempefin bryllupsgaven. Har tenkt litt på å strikket et slikt selv, men vegrer meg veldig for all monteringen. God påske!

  2. Så lekkert teppe. Heilt nydeleg mønster. Det er jo ei super gåve å få:)


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