Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Last bit of Easter

This is the last of my Easter 2009, We ended up being rather busy, here's some pictures i took on our little walk.

Sorry about the angle of this photo, but i forgot to edit before i uploaded them...and now i can't get the picture off without removing all photos..Anyway, the sun was bright and it was fairly warm as we started walking from Chaterherault Country Park

These are the famous Cadzow Oaks...very old and beautiful trees.

We went down to the White bridge, and these little steps were just before the bridge..must be said that this road was closed..but we decided to continue walking...

Across White Bridge, and you can see the landslide on the right just behind the dark brown branches...

Here's another picture of the reason this path is closed.. a landslide..!

looks pretty bad, and was a bit scary as well..but it was actually walking across White Bridge that worried me..all i could think about was the childrens tv show Strawberry Shortcake, and how the bridge they were walking on fall down....

Well we managed to get over and even get home..and i settled down with my knitting in the evening. I have so far knitted half of my brothers wedding afghan:)

Next time I'll be back with some knitting or crocheting! Thank you so much for visiting me, and let me know you were here.


  1. Your walk sounded so exciting....coming back home seems even more cozy and warm after an "adventure walk!"
    I enjoy your blog very much!

  2. Næmmen, hadde jeg nær sagt. Vi må da nesten være naboer. Jeg bor et stykke utenfor Glasgow, jeg også. Ikke så langt fra Lanark faktisk, så jeg tror nesten vi må være på samme siden av "byen".

    Morro med blogg-vandring. Og det var koselig å titte gjennom bloggen din også.


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