Thursday, 9 July 2015

The other day

The other day, the sun was shining and the weather was lovely. Real summer weather..
But now...

Now we are back to grey cloudy and wind again. Still fairly warm..but not much sun. 

What is on my mind these days? 
Firstly..jogging..I am really trying very hard to jog several days every week. So far July has been a really good month. 

Also, I am really interested in old stuff, natural stuff...old ways. 
do you understand what I mean? 

I have several boards on Pinterest about Vikings and also reusing and also organising. Guess that the main interests these days. 

We are leaving for our summer holiday soon, and we have a couple of parties to attend. 
Daughter got to choose new shoes and this is what she chose.

She is over the moon about them, loves them so so SO mucha nd have been wearing them nearly every days since she got them. 

I love seeing her so satisfied with something. 

We are in the middle of packing, so the house is a total tip. The plan is to get it sorted the next couple of days.

Hasta la vista, lovlies.

P:S. My fingers and crossed for my best friend and her family today, May all go well !!!

Big hugs, MariaLinn

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hair july 2015

So it has finally happened, that I think i might be almost happy with my length. The hair had a really heavy oiling in the morning as I had planned to run and then shower..but it never happened. Instead we went to have a look at the Game of Thrones throne. 

And I did take a seat on the Westeros Throne, fun to have seen it!! 

It was worth the drive!