Sunday, 8 September 2013


Right, ladies and gentlemen...
I am horribly sorry that my blog has been so unused this year..I have been very busy doing lots of other things, such as writing letters,  reading books and taking my 9 years old daughter to all her clubs.

But, i have decided to get some life into this blog again..not like it used to be..not only knitting but a bit of everything.

So, I will start with today...

I have been crocheting..a big pale blue, grey and a few more colours..I can't reveal what it is just yet ..or who it is for I should say.
Another thing that was big in our house happened a while ago, a meeting with a celebrity here in UK. Her name is Beth Tweddle and my Kamma met up with her. Pity you can't see the medal hanging around Kamma's neck..but it IS a real Olympic Bronze medal, it's the Medal Ms.Tweddle won in London 2012, Gymnastics of course!
Beth Tweddle and Kamma 

Today it's another busy day for us, the husband is at work, and for us here at home we have been busy..Kamma practising the piano, trying to do some homework...more piano practising, and later on she has gymnastics and she will go directly from gymnastics to her piano lesson with Charlotte.

We do keep ourselves busy indeed! Hoping to finish my secret crocheting..and then to start making a blanket for Nisse's little boy.He's not due until October, so I do have a little time..but better get started..!

By the way, the nailpolish of the day is an old Avon polish...bronze like Beth's olympic medal.

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