Tuesday, 4 November 2008


good afternoon everyone! i am taking advantage of nursery time (princess at nursery, me home alone) to update a bit. On saturday i finished this Gilmore vest, i have used New Lanark Wool, DK...it is absolutely lovely on, and i think vests or slipover will be something i will wear a bit more. i have never been much of a vest-user..but after this one..oh yes!
besides, this Gilmore vest is just reminding me of a tv series i used to watch when living in Norway..and i loved it..and have just recently found in on tv in uk..The Gilmore Girls,and my fave is Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore. as i watch the series over again now..i got several new ideas...vests and jumpers... So when i actuallty get around to make the "new" ideas i will let you know:)

but for now, i will try to finish the Calorimetry while watching Gilmore Girls(of course)!
have a great day everyone, and thank you for visiting me. Come Back soon:)


  1. Så lekker farge! Vester er jo veldig populært for tiden, og egentlig er det et både praktidsk og anvendelig plagg. Denne ble kjempefin!

  2. I'm doing a Gilmore Girl marathon at the moment: I bought all series 2nd hand so every night I go to bed with the girls, love them!
    love the vest too!

  3. Flott vest, og fargen ser lekker ut. Hvis den er riktig på min skjerm da ;o) Nydelig mørk lillablå ser den ut, riktig...?


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