Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Good Evening everyone! how are you all doing? i have been very busy knitting away! i have finished another christmas present, for my uncle this time, this is another Jacques Costeau hat, by Typy..and this one i have once again used King Cole Mirage. I love this colour here, and i do hope he'll be happy with it!! I can't believe we are this close th Christmas, my princess is asking me if we are to get the crhistmas stuff out yet..but i do think we need to wait a week or so..well, the plan is to decorate on dec 1st.

I have also finally finished the Baktus scarf that i started ages ago. i have used some sockwool that i got from my secret pal at Hobbyboden..i don't even remember who it's a few months ago now...
I am kind of bored with my knitting these's so slow, well..i don't know what. i guess i am getting a bit bored with knitting hats...especially hats for other people!!well, after christmas it'll be other stuff on my needles indeed!
well, i'd better stop my rambling for today, and it's time to make the dinner anyway...chicken in the wok with peppers, pineapple and dessicated coconut coming up!


  1. Godt å bli ferdig med skjerfet, tenker jeg - alltid deilig når en ufo blir en fo. ;)

  2. Baktus skjerfet ditt ble kjempeflott!

  3. Så mye fint det er her! Flott mariusgenser! Og takk for kommentar på vesten min. Ha en flott dag!

  4. Så fina grejor du stickar!!! Vilket flit!


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