Friday, 7 November 2008


just a real quckie here..i ought to get myself ready for taking my princess to the nursery,and i have to go down town ..need to get a few things for my advent calender swap, i need to send it pretty soon if she is to have it by dec 1st.
anyway, i finished my first calorimetry last week i just didn't get around to put if up here. i love it and have been using it almost every day. this will not be my last calorimetry ..oh no, not at all.
but..sorry this is ever so short..btw, before i go..still king cole mirage i have used:)
will be back with some more things next week, if not before.
it's friday, so have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Jeg likte virkelig den fargen på caliometrien. Fargeskiftningene passet veldig godt. Velkommen i caliometry-klubben og god helg :-)

  2. Herlig garnfarge - og flott cliometri :-)
    Ha ei fin helg.


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