Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Good morning everyone,
i thought i had no photos to show you, until i remembered the christmas pressie i finished last week. it's a hat..jacques costeau i think it's called by typy.... i have done it a bit different, and am making another one to try to do it the correct way.

but i have had some thoughts lately...i know it's christmas and i still have a few pressies i need to finish before i send a huge parcel away to norway...but..

i am not enjoying the knitting..when i knitted the mystic water lace shawl. i made sure i enjoyed every bit..and that i wasn't in a hurry to finish, and lately i have again gone back to that: wanting to finish in a hurry so i can start on something new. i need to learn to enjoy my knits. do you know what i mean?To actually enjoy every little stitch, it was a god feeling:) and if i do that i am sure i will managed to finish those hats and be very happy with my results.

that's my thoughts of the day, ENJOY the knitting everyone!

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