Friday, 17 October 2008


Hello, good morning and welcome to my little spot on the web! I hope you are fine, and that you have had a good week:) the weekend is here, what are your plans?

our plans are that when hubby comes home from work we'll be on our way to London.. 5-6 hours drive or so i think. atleast that's what hubby says..but i do think he's a bit....ehhhhh...speedy...!

nevermind, we'l get there when we get there. The picture above it what i have been knitting this's a cowl and the name is Aibhlinn, and i love it...and it's not just because the last part is my name;) i have used noro cash iroha, and i love the feel of the finished project. but not my favourite to knit's not bad, that's not what i am saying. it's nice, but i still have another fave!

now,. as we'll be leaving the house for a few days , i will of course have to bring some knitting along..and i will probably bring Catriona's woolies, a Baktus scarf and a hat i started on last night. i will have a few hours of kniting, and i need something simple due to the lack of daylight.
on sunday evening Catriona and i will take the bus home, and we'll arrive in Scotland monday morning. i am guessing i'll be knitting a bit on my way back too. I am excited, haven't been to london since 1999..and i hope i might be able to visit a wool shop sometime on Saturday;) if hubby is nice and willing..haha, we'll see.

when i come home..Nan, watch out...i'll be down during the week..i reckon i will have used all my king cole by then;)

now it's time to FLY, thank you for visiting me, have a great weekend
and come back soon!
hugs from me

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